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  • I live in Dallas,Texas
  • My occupation is Cashier/Bagger
  • I am Male
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    I have not left you

    July 22, 2013 by HadesVIP

    My dearest friends I have not left you just yet! This blog is declaring my official return to the Roleplay wikia . I must first apologize for my absence in the community, but to be very very frank I left because I stopped reading the mark of Athena and I pretty much ended up bored with the Greek mythology scene. So after a few months of looking for a new hobby I found the greatest book known to man known as The Great Gatsby !  Then one boring summer day I was skimming threw the attic when I found a bunch of RL Stine books and took up the challenge of read those. Then I soon learned to hate Rl Stine and went to Stephen King type books…so after a long chain of books I went on an old forum website were I found a Percy Jackson rp from 2012 and…

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  • HadesVIP


    August 15, 2012 by HadesVIP

    Everybody please read this.

    Lately I have been in a slump, and i cant get out of it.I have no inspiration to rp.Theres just too much going on right now,and unfortunately there's no reason for me to stay on this site.I had a lot of fun here, and well I have made friendships here, that I am very grateful for.So as you probley can guess im leaving.I do not know when im coming back, it depends if I can get out of this depression.Anther key reasion of me leaving is Im pretty sure a lot of you really do not like me, well that could just be me, but I feel left out here.Bye until next time.Like I said Ill be back when I get over this. I love you guys .

    ~Your Friend HH

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