Hi everyone!

So, the event is going to officially start on October 15, 2016. For more details, visit this page: Contest:Halloween Battle Royale. But don't edit it, or else you will face my wrath. xP

Anyway, sign-ups are gonna happen here. Just comment below and tell me the character you wish to enter the contest with. You can only enter one character and only the first twenty users will be permitted to enter. Also, only camp characters are allowed. No exceptions!

It will be nice if we don't have two characters from the same godparent, but it's okay if we really can't help it.



  1. Chase Whittemore, Son of Zeus - Miggy
  2. Joachim Flamel, Son of Hecate - Hyu
  3. Bowen Spall, Son of Astraeus - James
  4. Cody Knight, Son of Hades - Broken
  5. Aria Shen, Daughter of Astraeus - Nata
  6. Kristjana Emìlsdóttir, Daughter of Thanatos - Lilly
  7. Sasha Taylor, Daughter of Eris - Kat
  8. Connor Ryuk, Son of Aristaeus - Chase
  9. Rhys Constantine, Son of Nyx - Daichi
  10. Ini Seraphim, Son of Pandia - Nin
  11. Damien Ashford, Son of Apate - Muse
  12. Yelena Ivy Kovalsky, Daughter of Apate - Xax
  13. Alaska Eira Jansen, Daughter of Iris - June
  14. Alice Gray, Daughter of Iris - Nat
  15. Landon Jeon, Son of Zeus - Brocky
  16. Leon Mitchel, Son of Eurus (Priest of Aeolus) - Toxyca
  17. Jimmy Cooper, Son of Hermes - JackSilenzio
  18. Lux Youngblood, Daughter of Hades - Minx
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