So I have a lot running on my mind right now. About my personal life, about the wiki, and about the people on the wiki. All I'm going to say is I'm going to be serious, and honest with how I'm seeing things, and feeling about things. I'm going to touch into my personal life a bit, and talk about some of the wiki things. I may or may not piss some people off with this, frankly, I don't really have an issue with doing so, I just ask if you have a problem with me talk to me directly about it, I'll talk respectfully. SO.

Regarding Personal Life, and How It'll Effect Me on the Wiki:

As most of you know at this point, I'm in high-school, I'm a junior, and as everyone knows, school is a high responsibility. That is priority over everything, and this is why I'm going to have to organize my time more effectivley as of now. Lately I've been failing to get certain assignments done, and I've been lacking on certain classes. Specifically, at the moment, my Spanish II grade is a D. I cannot tolerate that. Meaning: I'm going to take school time, FOR school time. This means in the mornings before school, I will not be on the wiki. During school hours, I will not be on the wiki. After school, I will be on the wiki if I am able, BUT I may or may not be multi-tasking the wiki with homework. This is mostly going to effect the admins staff, and most specifically: Mel, Def, and Slay as they are the ones I talk to most during these times. Believe me I enjoying doing so, but I just can't be taking too much time away from school.

Regarding the Wiki:

As most are aware, I became a rollback for General Support. I'm so proud of that title, and honor. I'm very much happy to support the admin team and the wiki the best I can. I love this wiki, and I want to see it prosper. That being said, I was not here during the "golden times" of the wiki, on top of that I've had my time of inactivity, BUT I am here now, I have a commitment to the wiki now, and I will take my time to help as much as I can. Now, about some of the more problematic things of the Wiki. Things need to be changed, revamped, updated, and overall... revived. Claiming rules. I feel as though the claiming rules themselves, are actually NOT the problem. It's the strictness and specifics, as well as some "unspoken rules" of claims that are issues. I would go into specifics, but that's too much to go into at this point. Pretty recently, I've seen multiple interesting and great ideas to do exactly what the Wiki needs. I would be honored to work towards these changes, be a part of them, and continue to support the wiki afterwards.

Regarding the People of the Wiki:

This is where I'm going to point fingers a bit, ask a bit of questions, and possibly even end up challenging some users. Again, I am being serious, and honest about the way I'm seeing things, however that doesn't mean I know everything, nor that I think I do, and that doesn't mean I cannot be wrong, because I very much can be wrong about some things.


I don't think I got to know you until after my inactivity, if I remember correctly however, I did see you before then... Anyways, now recently, I've grown to like you quite a bit, and consider you a good friend. I enjoy talking with you, and it's fun to tease you a bit here and there. I support your decission on joining AD when that time comes, and I will welcome the help into the wiki. I can't wait to see your ideas.


You have been quite the popular user among me and some people. While you have ambition, and you seem to really want to partake, and enjoy the wiki, you are still very young. You are still naive, like normal of someone of your age. While I'm completely ok with you, you should really take some time to get more experienced with the wiki before jumping into things. Give yourself some more time to Rp, join a quest before trying to run one, and overall develop in terms of writing. I feel as though you have enough ambition to effect the wiki, I would just like to see you using it in a good way.


I've held contact with you since I joined in the wiki and became a friend, to my inactivity through skype, to making YouTube videos with you, and to you now rejoining the wiki. I don't remember, or know what you were like as an admin member before, nor do I fully know you ability of doing their jobs, BUT I know you are very much capable of taking on what the wiki brings you. You are a good friend, and like a brother. Oh, and about when you asked if you could use my real name: If you'd feel more comfortable, I wouldn't mind you useing my LAST name :3 or Penn/Pen for short... (sorry I just hate my first name)


When I first met you, you kinda brushed me aside a bit, which is understandable since I saw a newb. However, I don't know exactly when, but I began wanting to be antiquated with you, and thought highly of you. Here recently, I've really enjoyed your company on chat, and I honestly feel like as if you were like a brother to me. We are in the same boat with school and stuff, and we can relate pretty well. I'm glad I seem to be a good friend of yours now, and I would obviously support and welcome you back into that admin team again xD


You man. You are both a bad and good name in the Wiki now. I was inactive during the times of whatever exactly happened, but the effects and opinions of you last till now. You are going through a bit of a rough time with the wiki, but WAY before that happened, you were the one I was closest with on the wiki. Your my little bro, from even then. I still care for you, and I defend you, and I put up with your rascallness, and I enjoy having you around. You mentored me, and I really am glad you were the one to do so. Ironically, you are TOO damn good at checking claims, to the point it goes a bit too far. You need to relax a bit. I love you like a little brother, and I don't want you to face any more issues. I would like to see you in chat a bit more, and I really want to see your name become something good to everyone in the wiki.


I never knew you before my inactivity, nor during the inactivity obviously. I only met you once I came back, and I know to you I was like a newb who was only checking claims in order to look good because I planned on running for RB. I seriously hope I shattered that illusion and proved that wrong. I really plan on keeping up the work, the best I am able. Now more about you. You work so damn hard :/ You are pulling all-nighters regularly, and doing nothing but rollback edits from sunrise, to the next sunrise. There is no end to your working, and that is both a good and bad thing. Good for the wiki, because sadly, without you doing this work, we'd be slowly falling behind. And bad, because I feel horrible about you doing all this work. I know you are struggling, get frustrated, get tired, burnt out, fed up, irritable, and all of the above. I feel horrible about it. I want there to be a way to lighten your load, and I swear I'm going to find a way to make your job easier. I'm in GS, it's my job to make your job easier. I know keeping up on claims is what you want me to do, but when claims are checked, I CAN help you on the User list, and I've offered many times. I'm gonna stop offering to help you, and just do it like it or not, because you are working harder than anyone else on the wiki as far as I can tell. Also, I am really happy to have met you, and talk a lot with you.


You have been on the wiki long before I joined, and you've been around ever since. Yet I still hardly know much about you or what you do. At first when I saw you in chat, you always seemed to be away (and still are tbh), and rarely talk to those in a certain niche. Honestly, you were intimidating a bit. Here recently, you've became less intimidating, and more... respected? You're opinions are always in high regard, and lately I've had to come to you for advice multiple times... then I found out you were only 15, and it seriously shocked me... and still kinda wows me. I'll honestly admit, when I had that bit of brainstorming, and activity with you in creating the ideas for the valentines day events, I was so happy and felt honored even that you actually acknowledged me a bit more than normal. Here lately though, I began wondering what you've been doing behind the scenes... Oh, and also, I'm still waiting to challenge you to a gym battle.


You are one person that seems a bit slippery. I want to be friends with you, and while I feel like we are friends, I feel like at other times a bit less than friends xD either way, I've known you long before my inactivity, and up to now, you've always seem like a cool person. I'm always happy to talk to you, and I'm glad to see that your still around in the wiki. Good luck with youtube when that starts up.


You are also one of the people I've known ever since I joined the wiki. I get the feeling I was a bit annoying to you at times, I'm glad we are friends at this point, hell you even got used and protective over me sitting atop your head as a ferret... the first few times that happened, you threw me off like a dirty rodent, and now it's the complete opposite xD and you are totally like a sister to me. I'm always happy to see you entering chat.


Dude, I've always looked up to you. I've loved how you treat me like a good friend, even before I felt the same with you. You are a nice dude, and I've known you ever since I joined as well. At first you were always kinda up there on the podium, and since I was a newb, I couldn't exactly just talk to you. Now, I'm very much glad I can, and I enjoy doing so. You're funny, in a not trying to be funny way, which I enjoy, and I'm also very excited to start up the armory with you, if you still plan on that. Now, one thing I would like to poke at a bit, is sadly it seems as if you are becoming less and less active. Not, it's not really a problem at the moment, but we need all the admin help we can get. I'm not sure whats' going on, so I don't want to seem like i'm yelling at you, I'm just a bit uneasy, cause I don't want you to just up and go fully inactive, for personal and wiki reasons...


I've mostly known you before my inactivity period, and I'm happy to see you back on the wiki more recently. I can remember having fun talking with you, and you were pretty funny before my inactivity, and now here more recently... well, actually all you've really done is hit on me... pretty hard... However, I still find you funny, and I enjoy seeing you back. I hope we can become good friends, and that you stick around :3


Oh captain my captain. I'm going to be completely honest, I haven't really interacted with you much... However, I am curious of how you think of me, as your new GS RB. On top of that, from our small interactions, I can say you seem nice, and I would fully welcome knowing you a bit better, and talking more. Meanwhile, I honestly have no idea about your activity on the wiki, and I wanna simply make a small reminder that we are going to go through quite a bit of crap if we ever get the wiki ball rolling, and start making changes. I'm honored to be in the GS, and I hope I'm doing well, and I hope we work well on the wiki when it goes through it's changes.


My adopted newb. I've been happy to help you out, and keep you moving along in the wiki. Pretty soon, your gonna be level five, and hopefully well set off in the wiki. I would like to see you participate more in the chat if you are able, and I feel as though you could actually fit in pretty well. I welcome you completely, and I'm open to any questions you might ever have.

To ALL Users:

If you aren't listed here, that means I don't really know you or have too much of an opinion over you. That may change in time, or not. I'm not exactly sorry that your not included here, but I hope I don't upset you by you not being here... idk... Either way, overall: All users should be helping to move the wiki in a good direction. All users should make sure they read over the rules, and understand them. All users should learn to help themselves before pointing fingers.

Last Little Blurp: A Bit of Personal Info:

To those whom it may concern... by that I mean to those who are curious, and have been droven insane by this topic: My name is Marcus Pennington. I am male. I am straight (Bow xD), and lastely, I'm the god damn Lord of the Hidden Realm.

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