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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 8 December 2015

uh hey

well...where should I start? been gone for over a year. I get that alot of you would have zero idea as to who the hell I am. So I guess i'll introduce myself. just call me hydro, I was a big shot crat a long long time ago. did alot for the place. could say i'm ancient. anyway enough showboating. I bailed for a crap ton of reasons, plain and simple.

So why I'm back? Migs dragged me from this other wiki I run (been there the whole time, had fun). I sat down on chat and talked with some old friends. Migs, Minx and Oli. I guess it was nice to reconnect. Anyway I doubt if I "come back" I'll be too active. Can't be assed to make any new characters atm, so it'd be sweet if an admin could restore a char or two for me.

dunno how long this'll last, bu…

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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 6 November 2013

Cut Off

so yeah this probs won't be your usual inactive-ish blog. just got home today, i was gonna rush on here like i do everyday when my mom gave me some news. we're poor as hell, so we don't exactly have the cash to pay the bills. so yeah, that means TMW our internet will be cut off. i have NO f*cking idea when it's coming back. but from what i got from my mom, i should'nt get my hopes up. Because i will be disappointed (story of my life) so yeah i'll be inactive for gods knows long. IDK what you guys can do about me and CoW. i REALLY wanted to do that, but hey life hates me. Could be weeks or months, more likely months.just mark my chars inactive after a while i guess. cya whenever guys, it's been a crazy year

PS: Okay so nothing's changed real…

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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 25 August 2013

I messed up

alright so if you haven't been sleeping under a rock or some shit. i got busted for all those freaky eddie rps. I've been de-starred, an action which was fair. I mean i broke policy, said no to timeskips (sorry drag and astrid) and worst of all i got a bunch of people in trouble. dark,astrid,onyx,orbit,shades and uhm anyone else i don't know about. i'm so sorry guys. i'm not gonna point any fingers here. i'm not gonna get mad. this is my mess, simple as that.

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