so yeah this probs won't be your usual inactive-ish blog. just got home today, i was gonna rush on here like i do everyday when my mom gave me some news. we're poor as hell, so we don't exactly have the cash to pay the bills. so yeah, that means TMW our internet will be cut off. i have NO f*cking idea when it's coming back. but from what i got from my mom, i should'nt get my hopes up. Because i will be disappointed (story of my life) so yeah i'll be inactive for gods knows long. IDK what you guys can do about me and CoW. i REALLY wanted to do that, but hey life hates me. Could be weeks or months, more likely months.just mark my chars inactive after a while i guess. cya whenever guys, it's been a crazy year

  Spiderman-Hydro-SigHydro   " We all have secrets. The ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us."   20:46, November 6, 2013 (UTC)    20,620

PS: Okay so nothing's changed really. i just wanted to inform you all that thx to my school library. i will be able to check my email. i'd use it to visit here, but the comps there hate Wikia. Meaning on a good day, i can't even go on chat or make a single edit. my email is "" if you ever wanna talk to me or check up on me. there ya go and also i will take a page from slay and unu. i'll see if i can score a gf, which let's face it may be unlikely XD. but i'll try and get a job, so i can help pay for some shit around the house and get internet back. so this whole mess would hopefully be shorter

PSS: i would also like to say that if anyone wants to break off some of my relationships (yeah i'm talkin to you maple, melody,wonder and anyone else i'm forgetting) go ahead or if you wanna follow unu's lead and keep the relationship, i'll really be grateful :) and also when i get back, i WILL be working my ass off to get rb back and hopefully i'll be able to work in AD under wind, one of the greatest crats i've ever seen

PSSS: hopefully this is the final update, my mom f*Cked up the dates. today is my final day apparantly, so yeah :)

PSSSS: so much for that, kay so my mom managed to borrow some cash from her bud. so i'm secured with internet for the month ,which has quickly become my cocaine *dances*

PSSSSS: alrighty then, i feel like i should properly explain  where i've been the past few days. Since monday (or tuesday) as of midnight, internet got cut off. 4 days later and here i am :P

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