well...where should I start? been gone for over a year. I get that alot of you would have zero idea as to who the hell I am. So I guess i'll introduce myself. just call me hydro, I was a big shot crat a long long time ago. did alot for the place. could say i'm ancient. anyway enough showboating. I bailed for a crap ton of reasons, plain and simple.

So why I'm back? Migs dragged me from this other wiki I run (been there the whole time, had fun). I sat down on chat and talked with some old friends. Migs, Minx and Oli. I guess it was nice to reconnect. Anyway I doubt if I "come back" I'll be too active. Can't be assed to make any new characters atm, so it'd be sweet if an admin could restore a char or two for me.

dunno how long this'll last, but yeah. the old troublemaker returns..

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