aka name: ryan nick name: ice

  • I live in ontario, canada
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is None
  • I am male
  • Iceclaw100

    Ok I am writing this for a few reasons.

    1) I should be able to get on more often, but until I save up enough for my own laptop I still won't be on that often. This was written partly in response to a message on my talk page

    2) (this part mainly for Bach) I will try to get on for the last day of the month to try and help a bit with judging things.

    3) I wanted to say that I think about my friends pretty much everyday (though it is pretty lonely at my dad's house so I have a lot of time to think, and also play on the PS3)

    That's all for now, TTYL, and I am going to try and get on chat as often as I can. If it ever decieds to work my step mom's laptop.

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  • Iceclaw100


    June 7, 2012 by Iceclaw100

    ok since i am having family problems, yet again. Im not sure if I will be able to get on often. I am currently typing this up on a computer at school and am a bit worried that I will be kicked off.

    To all my friends I will miss you and will try to get on as often as possible. Please put me as inactive if it has not already been done yet.

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