I am proud of how this wiki turned out. Not by my design, but nonetheless, I am proud. When I first joined the wiki, it started out simple with generic character pages with little to no coding, and there certainly was no wikia chat yet. I made many friends on my time here and on other wikis, many of these friends whom I will miss and still miss very much. We used to use IRC and Chatango and I will fondly remember, with nostalgia, the good times we had on chats such as these. In time, users left, but new ones came to fill the gap. I learned to make new friends and for the first time in a long time, I was content and at peace. I finally belonged somewhere. Now as I look back and reminisce on days long gone, I only now realize how much has been lost. What triumphs, downfalls and other events I shared with the people I grew up with, now just memories in the endless forest of time. I became inactive after my first year and have maintained such level of activity until now. Nothing much will change as a result of this blog, but rather, I'd like to quietly say that I will only be present on chat henceforth as I've done for two years now. Division of interests, the loss of many friends, and my inability to really fit in in this changed but wonderful place has taken its toll and I've found that I'm just an old relic, something from the past. It's not your faults, and in no way am I accusing anyone of anything, but I feel like I don't belong; it is as if I am an autumn breeze when it is Spring time. Regardless of my dribble here, thank you for the time I had here, and a hearty thanks to the wiki in partially forging who I am today. I grew up with the wiki and now I'm proud to admire what it is and say that it does not need people like me anymore. Take heart and do not falter in roleplaying because that is the lifeline of this wiki.

I will omit the personal messages, lest there'd be too many to write, but I thank you, those who consider themselves my friends, for allowing me to take part in this community and to have a good time here. It was a pleasure and an honour to meet people such as you and I will not forget it. There will come a day when I too will leave the wiki, but for now, I will remain a little longer. Thank you for reading this, and it's ok if you simply thought or wrote "tl;dr" in the comment.

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