Written here will be Poetry Ideas spontaneously erupt in my head:

Thanatos' Embrace (Freestyle)

Cold steel grinds on bone,

Death's cold grip slowly comes.

Pairs of caligae lined the cobbled streets,

Sons, Fathers, and Cousins marched to war.

Galea, Lorica Hamata, greaves and gladius,

Thus went the men to war.

Legions they sent up north,

Far from Rome's civilizing light;

In the shadows of the north,

Lay the barbarian horde of the night.

Wave upon wave charged the lines,

Romans' armour glinting in the dying light.

Pila raised and pila thrown,

the sons of Mars stood firm against the night.

Gladii to shield, long swords on scutum,

Walls of men, the horde dug deep.

Beserkers charged, blood was spilled,

The ground wept red.

Upon this patch of ground so far from home,

So cold was it that it began to snow.

Over forest's tip the sun rose,

as man's breath slowed.

Oh Rider in Black came at last,

To take me from this place so far from home.

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