Ok, I know I promised you a decent blog title but it had to at least be a pun. I chose to make one off of the cruddy Miley Cyrus movie: "The Last Song". I cannot begin to tell you how many goodbye blogs I've made since I first came here, probably around five. I know I've said I would leave a million times but this time....this is it guys and girls. When school starts, my priorities will shift and I regret saying this but I may leave this wiki for good, or be extremely inactive. I entered this wiki with lots of hope and aspirations and now I'm afraid I left it and the excellent users here with broken promises and unfulfillment. I went lax with my task in checking claims, and as a rollback, it was mere title, nothing more. For this, I apologize to the entire wiki and hope that you can forgive me. It hurts me to do this, as this wiki was the foundation of my life several years ago. I remember my lonely edits on the Camp Half Blood wiki, where I met, Pers, Ghost and many others, who then invited me to come to this wiki. The amazing time I've had here is indescribable. I've met many users, made friends. There are way too many to fully list. So what I will do is slowly name them with edits, even if they are inactive or have left. Remember that in my heart, you all are quite dear to me and you all have a place in my heart no matter how long I've known you. It will be hard to live in a post-CHBRP wiki world, but I have to do this. If there were any place I'd want to be, right at the list of top 3, this would be it. Thank you, users of the Camp Half Blood Roleplay wiki and I hope that I had a positive impact on each of your lives.

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