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    I'm A Cat-Duck

    June 15, 2012 by LittleKitten


    Most will be like 'O.O who the f is TheLuckyDucky?'.

    The answer? KittyInASheepsClothes, former admin, user and rp'er.

    Now most will probably be like: 'WTF Kitty's back?"

    Yes. Yes I am. I have Bachoo to vouch for me.

    I left and disabled my wikia account as 'Kitty' for totally personal reasons. I will only tell you that my mother has passed away and that I needed to have time to myself. The name 'Kitty' leaves too many memories as it was the name my mother often called me. The wounds are fresh and Im not over them yet. I cant stay away though, despite the stress. So I have come back as Ducky/Lucky. I know some might not want me back, I accept that, but Im back anyway. I will be starting all new characters as Ducky but I'm still "Kitty" in…

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