This blog is basically a bit of a follow-up to this one. I said in the previous journal entry that I would go inactive due to family issues, which I am glad to say have been taken care of! As hard as I will try to make this long story short, I might get carried away. Bear with me. 

My parents did get a divorce, I did get slapped by my mother once, my father really did vanish, and I haven't seen him since. My mother fled for God-knows-where, and I haven't seen her in a while as well. My aunt (the gracious, god-sent aunt she is) came immediately from Zurich when she heard that my mom had left us, and has been taking care of us ever since. I can say I'm so happy my brothers were there when they were, because I honestly couldn't have made it without them. In fact, I can't imagine what would've gone down without the by my side. I had to help out at the house a lot, mostly with basic chores my mother would've done that I shared equally with my brothers while my aunt tried to support us. My (well, very wealthy) grandmother heard about our situation, and she ever-so-graciously gave us access to the family bank account, which is literally filled with an unknown amount of Swiss Francs. We're holding up okay now, and I'm even back in the exchange program and going to be a student in Canada in November! 

Like I promised, I said I would definitely be back upon everything being fixed. I'm happy to say that (even if it's not fixed in the perfect way) my true family remains intact. I'm talking about my brothers, and I know they're probably not reading this, but I'd like to say I love all three of you to the farthest universe and back. My aunt, who, without even having to be told to, stepped up and took four broken children under her godly wings. My grandmother, who barely knows us, but gave us a huge help anyways. And last but not least, you guys. 

As some of you know, once in a while I would drop by in chat to say hello. I wasn't expecting the amount of happiness and the sense of right-at-home I felt when I talked to you guys. No matter how long I'd be gone, I was surprised when I thought I'd be forgotten but it was actually the opposite. The days I visited were usually shitty ones I had in the outside world, but you all made those shitty days so much brighter. I don't think there was a day (since I went inactive) that I didn't think about you lot, thought that managed to make me smile and brighten my day by a bit. And I can't thank these wonderful internet friends enough for that.

To close this out, I'd love to return to this wiki. I hope to be as active as I was before I went inactive and do so much more. Unfortunately, I bring up the burden of being semi-active at the very most because, well, you never know. 

"Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon." ~Maple

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