Margaery Tyrell

aka Quinn Pensky

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Meme Daddy
  • I am She/Her
  • Margaery Tyrell

    It's time to say goodbye, it's time to stop pretending I'm still active. This wikia has been home, my family. And as much as I love this wiki so very much (And wikia itself), I think it's time to go. And I mean, really time to go. I thought I could stay and keep it growing as much as possible, but every day that I'm not here, not worrying about editing, not doing anything or actually rping, etc, I feel like I'm lying to myself, to all of you. I've been drifting from CHB, and now I feel every time I come to edit, as if it's like a long essay for school or a chore to do, too much of a burden. CHB is no longer in my life anymore, I don't think about it much anymore and I never feel like coming on. I feel guilty considering I'm one of those peo…

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  • Margaery Tyrell

    As you may have seen, change is in the air. The wikia isn't exactly the same anymore. Newbs leaving after a few weeks, lots of blogs from users saying they have quit, people just lost interest. A big change has formed.

    But to fix it, is the real question, how can we do this, what can we do to keep this beautiful wikia that was built up and worked on for days, weeks, months, even years!

    I really want this wikia to work out to the very last end, to keep on going, to keep moving. And it will, if we really try. We're right now in a rough patch. But I think with true determination, we can get this wikia back on it's feet. As long as we stay rational and open to new and different things, I think we can do it. It would certainly be a shame to see it…

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  • Margaery Tyrell

    Answers and Words

    September 7, 2014 by Margaery Tyrell


    Okay so before you freak out and explode my talk page and yell at me on tumblr and make me block you because your annoying me and then keep begging me to come back oh and don't forget pm'ing me shit, read the whole fricken blog. I swear I will scream if you bother me on my talk page or ask in chat. I really will. I will give you one chance to talk to me on chat to explode or whatever and then nothing please.


    I just want to adress a few questions that you may have been wonderin…

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  • Margaery Tyrell

    Ok, so I am tird of asking people to cut pictures for me. I feel i would owe them too much or I am bothering them D:. So I guess I have to learn. I'm on a mac so really all I use is gimp. Which, makes it longer for me and when I finish it looks terrible. So, i'm wondering if anyone has a good cut software/thing. Btw, what I mean by cut, I mean free cutting. Like, cut wherever I want and the cutting thing wont go into a straight line.


    "Okay? Okay. Maybe 'Okay' will always be ours."~Kattentine" 12:46, March 2, 2014 (UTC) 

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  • Margaery Tyrell


    February 11, 2014 by Margaery Tyrell

    So guys, i need help finding a brunette model for my swan nymph ^.^ any ideas? and btw: iris me if you want Tina Grey

    i kind of got bored of her. so if you do iris me and ill give you her right after the quest c:.

    "My Perfection seems to be blowing up in your face."~Katnip, A Diva Struggling In N.Y."

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