Okay so before you freak out and explode my talk page and yell at me on tumblr and make me block you because your annoying me and then keep begging me to come back oh and don't forget pm'ing me shit, read the whole fricken blog. I swear I will scream if you bother me on my talk page or ask in chat. I really will. I will give you one chance to talk to me on chat to explode or whatever and then nothing please.



I just want to adress a few questions that you may have been wondering/I want to answer. 

  1. Are you leaving the wikia?
  2. Are you giving up all your characters? Because I want one.
  3. Are you giving up your rollback spot?
  4. Can I share _________ model?
  5. Why don't you roleplay as much anymore?
  6. Why do you use gifs so much now o.o?
    1. People.
      1. The End Of An Era.


Are you leaving the wikia


Sadly, in a few weeks I believe, I will be. I kind of just don't have enough love/do anything on this wikia anymore. I will miss it but this is for the best. You will still see me on tumblr and I will visit this wikia a lot as it was my (first) roleplay I have ever joined and I felt so accepted here *cough half of the time, you know who you are >.> <.<*. I might change my mind and in a few weeks you might here I come back and shit as I change my mind like *that* but for now I am pretty certain to leave. A lot of you know about this (cough cough snoopers look at my sandbox), because most I told (or again cough cough looking at le sandbox). My future in my eyes is pretty bright and I don't want to be 50 years old and on tumblr and the wikia and shit (No offense to you who are 50 which I doubt but whatever). So yeah. Don't spam me and bother me on tumblr (Don't even try on anon or I swear you lil shit) and shit (then i'll change my mind so don't you dare e.e) and or bother and bother me on chat because again I will like block you. But, as I am here for a few weeks I will allow for you to bother me for the time being I guess. And if you really are a friend, you won't bother me any longer than the time I give you or I swear I will block you from everything and ignore you. 

Are you giving up all your characters? Because I want one.


Well thus far I know these special ladies are being given up:

  1. Thea Lee
  2. Jaqueline Carlyle
  3. Mei-Xin
  4. Yavanna Witte

are either to be put up for adoption or deleted thank you very much.  If you want the rest all I can say is:

Hell to the no
  1. Diana Renee
  2. Sasha Taylor 
  3. Emmanuel West (Unless J wants to give it up but >.< doubt it)

are all mine >.>.

Are you giving up your rollback spot?

New note

Yes I will because if you not have seen I haven't been very active nor very helpful lately which is another thing to say goodbye too. I haven't been a very great rollback and I will have to say goodbye to that. I won't go in too depth on that considering, it isn't so much of a big thing. All I will say to end this is that I was happy being on the admin team, taught me a lot and if do ever come back and want to be on the team again, I will not hesitate to try my best to be helper and get my duties back as rollback.

Can I share ____________'s model?

It&#039;s halloween bitch

I guess you'll have to wait until I become inactive til' month six because while i'm still around no way in hell will you be able to use it *sorry not sorry*.


Why don't you roleplay as much anymore?

Your welcome

I kind of lost my love for PJO-stylings of roleplay to be honest, which is another huge reason I am leaving. I don't want to stay here only for everyone to wonder why I am still here if I barely roleplay. I mean I barely get that joy of roleplaying here anymore. There is some small Tumblr roleplaying I do (about 3-6 roleplays I do) but that's about it. Some of them I admin in too. I really am just trying to focus on school and sports and shit so I can focus on my future though so that's the main reason.


Why do you use .Gifs so much now? o.o

Well i

Well, in the tumblr way of roleplaying, to start convos we don't have word bubbles, we use .gifs. I started getting obsessed with these gifs and shit and I also rph (roleplay help) so yeah I guess I got stuck with them. AND I just love gifs to be honest.

Oh well



Okay, I know I will regret this later on, but bye guys. It's been a wonderful ride with each and everyone of you and you guy's have been really awesome like a best friend and I wanted to thank you for that. I just realized it's almost been a year since i've been on here (Haha), it took me only a few months to get to know each and everyone of you and how kind and sweet and awesome and badass and more you've all been (omg I sound like a misfit teacher) but anyway Bye. But, before I go I would like to thank those special people that I think should be noticed (they should excuse you).


Oh merci

First I want to thank Beyonce and Unusissy because let me tell you you are like one of the best friends I've had on this wikia like no joke. You listen to me when I talk, you laugh with me, and you even take up my shit in pm when needed (tysm) so I wanted to say thanks for that. Especially with people that got my annoyed that day, you always how to make me laugh or to get those people to stop somehow (omg thanks a mil). Like I hope you guys have a great amazing time here and everywhere and like good luck with life <3. You guys are my besties and I would never trade you for anything on this wikia. Love you baes. <3.

Next I want to thank Brocky and Oli. You guys got me interested and k-pop and stuff which makes me really happy (because now I love it). You guys are like the best bitches I have ever met. Seriously. You are both hella hilarious with the jokes and comebacks and the sassiness. Like I can't even explain. You guys are the baes. Like I can rage at you guys and you'd help me cope. I hope you kick asses and stay sassy. Stay Fab.

And now, Pandy and Waveys. You guys are awesome. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. You guys were the ones who got me interested anime. I mean I used to just read manga to be honest. I know it might not be much of a difference but, hey, I didn't even know what fairy tail was before you guys so ayyy. You guys are interesting to talk too and know how to talk me out of things and how to stop being mad at all the stupid things hydro does (okay i'm sorry hydro but like hahaha). Oh and you guys are like my top roleplay people so congrats for making the list. So you guys rock just saying. I hope you guys both keep watching anime, and keep being funny. Like oh God. And now I also repost fairy tail stuff (cough waveys) so thank you for that. <3

Oh and Blue, you are a really cool person. You helped me cope with Dman (and his/her I really don't know)'s scary shit. You also helped me learn to love k-pop so I want to say thanks for that. And omg I love the days where we would go crazy over Henry and shit so yeah. <3. It's sad you don't come on chat a lot anymore but when you do, it's fun and great and omg. Good luck in life <3.

And, the dudes, Xer, Defrether, Windiff. You guys sometimes bother the hell out of me and I just want to crawl into a hole and ignore you. But you guys can be great friends and funny people too at the same time. You make me laugh, make me want to pull your eyeballs out and make me want to argue all at the same time. So I consider you guys kind of like brothers and shit, I won't get all cry baby on you guys so yeah, good luck in life and stay ginger windiff. Xer stay rabbity.

Royalkins, haven't called you that in a long time. I think you were one of the first people to post on Tina Grey (and now you own here oh my god) (Lol you were) and you are like one of my first friends on this wikia so I wanted to thank you. I know we add some drama to deal with around January (>.<) but I think were all good now. So I wanted to thank you, for being awesome, hilarious and sweet. Good luck in life and have fun with the wikia!

Raid, you are terribly scary and hug me so endlessly I should give you more credit for it. But anyway, you are awesome even if you are hella scary, twisted and won't stop speaking spanish. You are one of the best buds I could have so yeah. Good luck in life <3. Oh and don't hurt your voice, it's quite nice ya know.

Last but not least, hydro. You bother me so much I should hate you. But, you can be considerate and sweet when you want to be. Although we don't rp anymore and I have shown the fact that I was really angry at you for arguing with me so damn much, get ready for this hydro because it's happening only once and once only and you can't use it against me for anything, nope, nope, nope. Or bother me about it because I swear I will take it back, you are a pretty cool guy once your not acting like an idiot. AND, I consider you like an disturbing porny brother okay?! Oh and I will miss you although I hate to admit it. Okay there, don't ask about it. NOTHING BECAUSE IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN.

I'd also like to thank people I started to get to know and are really cool, funny and just utterly awesome. Some people include Fate, Nicki, Wonder, Caru and Gruff. Live life awesomely and never give up on dreams. Oh and keep being funny. <3

I want to also thank the people that left or frankly won't be here to check this blog most likely. These people include, Hidden, you are an awesome bro and yeah. Kane, you are my newb mother and totally stuck by me no matter what and helped me through my "newbship". Uni-Unicorn (Lunicorn) for being an absolute awesome niece that was awesome k. Awesome. Slay, although you kind of gotten lots of hate from people, I still enjoyed you and your funny jokes and shit like that. You were my hubby and you are a great friend in my opinion. Sometimes. I also would like to thank Demy because haha even if I did get a bit jelly of defrether and dman *I won't lie I did* you were an awesome friend who I wish could be here right now to read this. Lopez, you are my bellatrix to my voldemort like oh my god. You are awesome okay. You were fun to roleplay with and are one of my besties. Oh and don't forget Harle who is amazing with his hugs and arguments with hydro.


Sorry if I miss anyone but just know I still love ya if I did.

So sorry
The End Of An Era.
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