It's time to say goodbye, it's time to stop pretending I'm still active. This wikia has been home, my family. And as much as I love this wiki so very much (And wikia itself), I think it's time to go. And I mean, really time to go. I thought I could stay and keep it growing as much as possible, but every day that I'm not here, not worrying about editing, not doing anything or actually rping, etc, I feel like I'm lying to myself, to all of you. I've been drifting from CHB, and now I feel every time I come to edit, as if it's like a long essay for school or a chore to do, too much of a burden. CHB is no longer in my life anymore, I don't think about it much anymore and I never feel like coming on. I feel guilty considering I'm one of those people who said we should try to be active, try to help this wiki stay on it's feet, but really, I think I should've just have been honest with myself and applied that to me, because I am definitely not active, as you guys can see. Now, all I have to say is... goodbye.

I know I put up a 'I'm leaving blog' a long time ago, I think I only did that because I was thinking about it, but I was still wrapped up in the wiki. Heck, I think after this blog, I'll directly start editing again because I want to help the wiki and make another blog. I don't want to repeat that pattern at all. It's not fair to you guys, especially the ones I love so very much. In the end, all I can say is goodbye. From my beginnings on this wiki, I saw that I might've annoyed some people or was a little immature. But now, I think, because of all the fabulous users I've met and all the great mentors, I am better. This wiki has helped me a lot actually, and I am eternally grateful for it. Working on claims and being on the admin team, I felt like I helped a lot of people, and this wiki itself enough. Categorizing, checking claims, helping users, I felt I really made a difference, a change. I officially am stepping down from the admin team and unless there are things I should finish off or anything, I'm officially gone from the team. Thank you guys.

Seriously, thank you. Thanks for all those who read, this is seriously hard to write.


I feel like keeping these characters will be no use, I love them with all my heart but really? I don't think it'd be good to keep them just like that and have them:

Note that I don't mind if models are changed personally.

Model Character User
Nina In Pink Diana Renee My absolute favourite character of all time... I know if I keep her, I'll feel weird considering she deserves to be rped, so Oli can have her. If you don't want her, just label it back as my characters kty (Archive). AND YES MUSIC, you can use Nina Dobrev.
2012-10-02 1555 001 vers two Sasha Taylor She's a great character tbh and I really want to give her to Brocky.
Georgia2 Georgia Hales Considering this was originally Waves character, she could have her back if not, if not, Kit, then archive. (She has a powerup, Major-to-minor.)
Hyeri Park Sun-bin First Korean-Model-used character... Oli can have it, if he doesn't want her, give it to Brocky, if he doesn't want her, just archive.
Cristine Madonna Klein For Slay (You probably won't want her considering model standards but it reminded me of the Degrassi.) or put her up for Adoption please, I don't really care what you do.
2012-11-02 1445 Yavanna Witte Considering this was Bach's character first, if she wants her back, feel free to take her. Otherwise, I would like Mel to have her.
Abella new word bubble pic Abella If Bach wants her back, she can have her, otherwise: Archive
Momsen Genevieve Lockser This character is special to me because Pandy gave it to me so I would like to just archive her.
Martha Elsa Waves; if she's not wanted just archive her.
Shampoo-shampoo-ranma-24876412-468-600 Thea Lee I would give her to Pandora or Lopez but they are both inactive so surprise surprise, Wonder, otherwise Adoption.
Princeton3 Emmanuel West I created him for Bey (Justiee.) to use for a collab but now, I might as well just archive him.

Goodbye Notes

For my friends, and the people I'm going to dearly miss. They made my days here memorable and for that, I thank them. If I miss you, I still will dearly miss you.

The great first people I had met

This is mainly the section for the first people I met when joining CHB and it was so nice to meet all these fabulous people.


You were literally one of the first people (Second??) that posted on my talk page and from there a great friendship began. I know you're no longer online anymore and probably will never see this, so I'll keep it as short as I can. You were a great friend and led me through the ups and downs of this wiki. Even though Kane was my newb mum, you were definitely a whole lot of help and we had so many great collab ideas and omg I'm tearing up. You also were my admin mentor which I am ETERNALLY grateful for you doing that (especially with such a newby person like me.). You have my email so we can email and stuff. Thank you for being one of the first people to really introduce me to anime.


Squee, again, one of the first people I met. You were also one of the first people I rp'ed with (Remember that terrible me-godmodding-rp that we did together when I was a newb?). I will ESPECIALLY miss you. I don't know if you'll see this but I hope you do anyway. You were a great friend to me, a really great one actually. You helped me A LOT actually, without you, I think I would've quit on the wiki a LONG time ago. You kept me here to see the great and the bad of this wiki and, you were just such a great friend. You showed me some great anime actually. It was nice to meet you and I hope you continue to make great things on this wiki. I don't know if you have any of my info but if you want it, just ask.


You were not only one of the first people I met, you are also considered my best friend. We had great rps and you currently have Archived:Tina Grey, you kind of saved her from killing which I am so happy for considering I think I would've made a huge mistake (xD.). I will miss you most of all, and although we had all that drama (Remember that?) and the fighting and the gossiping, I think we ended on a good note. I know you left the wiki and so I won't write too much, but I am SO happy you were here, apart of the team, and just for being my friend. Helping me with models and inviting me to things was great. Plus you introduced me to a lot of people on the wiki (You guys know who you are c;) but really I am so happy just to be your friend and omg I hope you know I won't forget you ever!


You are probably not suspecting this, let's be honest. I think your a great person even if people said things. I don't know if you noticed I had an itty bitty crush on you before kind of but let's ignore that. I will miss you no matter what and it was great meeting a good guy like you. I consider you one of those people that helped me with a lot of things and I think I annoyed you a lot (Example: The Degrassi model you shared with me after I bothered you and I never used her xD.) but you seemed to deal with that, so thank you. It was good knowing you and I won't forget you. You really helped me out, and this wiki entirely, you deserve praise for all that you've done for me and this wiki.


Okay, I know your not here but you were a great friend even though you completely ruined the innocence of my head and you technically dibbed Diana but then you left and things happened and I'm forgetting periods here so you better like my last words to you, you may not ever read this but, thanks for being a great friend, goodbye!


Okay so I know you might be surprised about these last words, but yeah Hydro, I will miss you even if you aren't active. It was nice to meet you even with your personality. I think you might have annoyed me a lot but you did kind of teach me not to get so mad over such little things so I thank you for that. You were a great person to me and even with all the drama we went through and all my crazy yelling and your dibbing and things just changing so quickly, you were there for me, so thank you. I'll even miss your annoying nickname for me.


We were so alike and have good tastes. I will miss you and I don't think I even have to say anything about how fabulous you are, Queen Rihanna and Beyonce forever.

More People

More of friends I love love love!


I know I'm not like the old users who've known you for a long time but I consider you a best friend. I talked to you about a lot of things and you put up with my not-answering-rps issue. I find you a great friend and I'm so proud of all your accomplishments. You have me on Skype, so don't be afraid to communicate with me. You are really such a lovely friend and you are quite amazing. I wish I got to know you more. I felt really comfortable talking to you about things, especially when my mum was in the hospital and all that so thank you for being there for me, you were are a friend that I will always cherish and remember and so thank you. You helped this wiki flourish and grow, especially from coming back from a long quit that you did. Thank you, I will miss you and never forget you (I think I've said that about five times, I really will miss you.). You were one of the people that kept me on this wiki just for one more month, so thanks!


You were a great friend and a good newb brother and it was nice talking to you. Also: I KNEW YOU WERE A GUY, I TOTALLY WON THAT.


I know we didn't know each other for long and you had to put up with my no-posting ways, I still thought you were an amazing person. Plus your one of those people I will forever cherish. Note that your characters are amazing :).


Although you sometimes got on my nerves, you were a great friend. You made me smile and your debates were worth answering and listening to. I also liked how you let me PM you in chat and you didn't get mad that most of it was me raging because I was angry. Anyway, I will miss you. Continue with your life in goodness and I wish you the best.


Okay, I will def miss you. You got me annoyed sometimes but after a while, we would just make up (mostly with me making you apologize XD.). I will miss you and I know you are aware that I was leaving (Pretty sure I told you.), but in honesty, you were a great friend and a great rabbit. You made me laugh and smile when times got tough and I wanted to thank you for that and everything you did.

Lopez, Nyx, & Nat

Lopez: You were a great bud even if you aren't online anymore. Thank you for helping me out with certain things and take care of Brett for me. Nyx: I think your not online anymore and that's fine, really you were a great friend and you made me laugh. Nat: Nat, although you made me pissed off sometimes, you were a nice friend and made me smile so thanks for that :).

Defreather & Fate/Alex

Defreather: I could not thank you enough for being such a good friend to me. You helped a lot and I wish you the best, even if you might not see this. Fate: OH MY GOD, YOU WERE AN AMAZING FRIEND. Literally an amazing friend, I couldn't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. You made me laugh, made me sigh, and made me really think. Plus I loved all out Gossip Girl talks and sorry we never got to do that collab we planned, I hope I talk to you again considering I have your Skype but I won't Skype you hahahaha ok but yeah :) (I will forever love Analeese Sterling btw.).


I will miss you! Even if our rps were a bit weird, you were a great friend. When I first met you, we did had that fight over your grammar (You called me a bitch and I kind of insulted you, you get the point.), so really I will miss you. It was nice talking to you about Tvd and stuff and I wish you the best. I will always remember you as the person I could talk about Nina and Ian and The Vampire Diaries in all about. Just a reminder: YOU CAN USE NINA DOBREV AS A MODEL OK???


Okay these are the people who met introduced me to kpop and stuff and I was so happy for this.


I don't see you as much but let me tell you, you are a great friend. You made me laugh with your sassiness and stuff like that and you helped me with a lot of things. I know I was probably a bit annoying to you so thank you for that. When we first met, I kind of envied you because let's face it, your histories were like whoa whoa whoa and I was so jealous. I think you were someone that really helped shape me into the person I am now and I am now eternally grateful for it because without you, there's really no Katniss0019, there's a newb with weird characters (xD), but anyway, thank you so very much. I won't forget you ok? But besides that, you were probably the real first person who showed me kpop and I was so happy. I know we planned our collabs and they never happened but I will forever miss you. I know I said this already, but I think you were one of the funniest people I met on this wiki and for that, I praise you as a king ok? Like don't let anyone tell you aren't one because if so, I'll come by and give them a little talking to (Oook no fighting.), but anyway thank you for being the person that you are.


Okay so you were a great person tbh. I know I told you about the quitting so I'll try and make this quick. You are super sassy (I mean like c'mon), and you made me laugh. I hope you enjoy Diana because she is like my favourite character tbh and you are like one of my absolute favourite people on this wiki, I will forever miss you and your british self. I was jealous of you because of your chars and your histories and omg. I know we never got to those collabs but at least we planned them out, right? I'm still mad that I never created the character with Sooyoung as the model but it's too late now (xD.), I hope you live in peace and goodness because omg remember you are sass king. It was fun to go crazy and talk about kpop and the latest gossip of korea. You were hilarious ok like always be happy and stay cute because if you don't, I'll have to fight you. Like no. And I hope you continue to help this wiki thrive because you kept me on this wiki too also you are way 2fab4me.


I think you'll make me cry right now. I don't know if you quit but it was nice knowing you. I wish we got to rp and know each other for a longer amount of time. I kind of stole Hyeri away from you so feel free to like do whatever (XDD) but really I love you so much. Thank you for being there for me and it was fun to PM you and talk about our lives and stuff. You had a lot of the kpop models that I loved (Which I will forever envy you for), but in all honesty, I will miss you. I hope you lead a great life and keep having kpop models (XDD I couldn't help it!).


I want to thank the last people that although I didn't know long enough to write much about or think much about, I thought they were amazing people and helped me definitely on my CHB road, just a little note.

  • Wonder: I know I hadn't known you for long but you were great and super funny. It was nice talking to you, I find you funny and omg those tumblr posts.
  • Onyx: I didn't write much because I know you left but you were a great friend too.
  • Nicki: You were funny and I knew I might have got on your nerves sometimes but you were so nice. Augustus Waters is still a terrible character.
  • Affectos: You are a great person even though I didn't talk much to you. Still, I hope you enjoy the wiki as much as you can even if you get ranked up once a leap year :^).
  • Wind: I know you're not on to see much of what goes on but I will miss you and you were funny. I consider you kind of like a grandfather, very smart. Mostly because avatar. Anyway, thanks.
  • Faith: I didn't like you at first but you're alright now and I find you nice.
  • Harle: You're a nice guy and I wish I got to rp with you.
  • Shademoon: I know we didn't talk much but I enjoyed knowing you, you were hella nice to know and I hope life turns good for you, even if you aren't active anymore.
  • Sparkz: I will miss you-ish even if you did think I was Kit for awhile. Good luck and have fun rping.
  • Raid: I don't speak Spanish! Also I found you quite nice and funny and omg like I can't with you. I once had an itty bitty crush on you (And on some others :^) *cough cough*). But anyway, I hope you read this.
  • Unu: Okay I know your not active but you were funny and made my life here quite adventurous. You helped me with a lot and I love how straight-forward you were with me and everything. I still wish I had the chance to give you a riddle you didn't know the answer to. Have a great life even if you won't ever see this.
  • Demy: You were a good friend despite my jealous self.
  • Gruff: I know we didn't talk much, I will miss you though because I found you quite funny and it was nice meeting you. Plus your tumblr blog is 2fab4me.
  • Deadly: Although you said things sometimes, I enjoyed your sassiness and you overall.
  • Hyu: Thanks for letting me use your user page template and for being a great person!
  • Carumae: Okay you were amazing and I know we don't talk a lot anymore *kind of*, I will forever remember your french self.
  • Bach + Demi: I found you guys as mentors, especially when I was really annoying. You guys were kind to me the moment I stepped into the wiki world, and for that, I praise you both. I hope you both have a great time on the wiki. Demi, I hope you keep up the wiki. Bach, I hope you continue being a great person and rping with others. Even If I never got a chance to rp with either of you, you guys were great people, so please, continue to keep this wiki thriving.

The End of an Era

That was long wow.

In the end, I hope everyone on the wiki tries to keep it thriving. Who knows if I'll come back next week or even next year? The future awaits me and I plan to do my best. I hope all of you have a great time and if I forgot anyone, don't worry, I still like you and won't forget you. I hope all of you continue to make wiki greater and better than it already is, I will never forget you guys and my time on this wiki.

Good luck,

~Alice (Katniss0019, Margaery Tyrell)

Florence The Machine - You've Got the Love

Florence The Machine - You've Got the Love

PS: Sorry for the corny song ok, It seemed really good in this moment, plus it's pretty. PPS: Sorry if this is really long but with some grammar mistakes or stuff like that because I typed real quickly to avoid deleting this whole thing.

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