Once upon a time, the narcissist known as Meemius decided it'd be a fun joke to suggest he had a cabin. It lead to a full on discussion, and eventually to this. Yes ladies and gents, you can get your very own power set as though you were in fact a godly parent in the PJO universe right here!

Teamwork with Alex has lead to this wonderful event and now your non-existent demigod kids can finally have powers that they can't have because they don't exist and you aren't really a godly parent but hey it's fun pretending. Along with a power set you'll receive an image that'd show you as a god.

Godly Parents

Meemius, God of Memes, Space and Canines

wip lmao

DaichiAoi, God of Space and smth else heck


ScalesOfFate, God of Masturbation, TMI and Sarcasm

LeGruff, God of impatience, smut and cuddles

EvilhariboMadness, God of sass, bubble-butts, kpop and everything full

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