Sometimes percy can be and idiot but he can also be really sweet. i will be using this "blog" section as more of things that happen at camp to keep u guys updated about what is going on. for this entery i will tall you what percy did for me this week.

On tuesday right after after practice, i went to my cabin to study. i have been really stressed lately because of school and camp. i also had some family drama the week before. Percy texted me telling me to go come his appartment. this is how our conversation went:

percy: hey wise girl

me: hey seaweed brain what's up?

percy: come over.

me: but i'm studying

percy: just come over. trust me.

me: okay fine. I hope it's important

Normaly if percy wanted to hang out i would say yes right away, but like i said i had been dealing with stuff and i just wanted to get things done. anyways, so i headed to his appartment. When i got there percy answered the door. he grabed my hand and pulled me towards his car. "percy where are we going?" i asked not sure what was going on. "you'll have to wait and see" he said with a smile. we drove for a long time and then we stopped in the middle of nowhere. "what are we doing here?" i asked puzzled. "follow ther string" he said and gave me the end of some blue string. of course it was blue. i floowed the string into a wooded area i must have followed the string for 20 min. before i came to the end. i found a blacket spread out on the ground in a clearing i looked back at percy who had a picnic basket in his hands. "i know you have been stressed lately so i thought it might be nice to have a break." Percy told me. i walked towards him and gave him a hug. I was so thankful to have a wonderful boyfriend like percy. we sat down and ate some subs sally and percy had made for us. mine had extra olives which made me very happy. after we were finished eating we wnt back to percy's appartment and watched a movie. we cuddled for a while and then we headed back to camp for dinner.

that is all for now, until next time demigods! <3

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