So recently, there has been a lot of drama going on due to inactivity and such, but this is also for the future. (Sorry Mel you're the example)

Before we decide to demote an admin, we look look into how much work they have put into this wiki. Meloney has been here for 4 and a half years. I'm sure that Mel has been an admin for at least 3 years. Without her, many claims wouldn't be looked at for a long time. Recently Wolfie took a leave, Fate is busy, and Windy is also busy.

So I ask you, how much dedication has every single admin put into this wiki? What would this wiki look like without them? Even if they go inactive, they have to SO much work into here, and for that I am greatful. 

It took 10 days for my claim to even be looked at. Wolfie was gone for a while, fate was busy, Mel was also busy with work in real life, so I had to beg Windy to even look at it. Since Mel has been more active, how many claims have been looked at at claimed? Many more than when she wasn't here.

Just because an admin goes inactive for TWO WEEKS without a notice, that they should lose the title they have worked to earn. 

I know that some people think Mel doesn't do her job, but what's her job? Claims. Anything else is secondary, well, I suppose that updating the User Lists is also. But my point is that every admin has a place, and every admin deserves the title that they have.

If you want to demote an admin, go off of the work that they have done, and if you think that they haven't done their work properly, put up a vote. I think Mel has earned her place here, and she deserves our respect, as I know she respects everyone else. (Yes I learned this the hard way, don't take the path I did).

(Again, sorry Mel :/)

Just think on this before you decide to vote.


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