Okay, this is partially a rant, and partially a call to help.

The Rant: ADMINS

This is directed at only a few.


GAH. I can't tell you how mad you guys make me feel. I know you guys are just doing your job and all, but really? Is it really necessary for you to turn down all the help you can get and be so mean? I mean, if I log onto chat on a regular day, and I can see the admins just sitting there. I mean, I know that you guys can do that, but there are some things on this wiki that haven't been updated since April. APRIL!!! 


Second, Everyone who reads this needs to help this wiki. If your reading this, it means you care about me, or the wiki because your here. We are entering a really rough time, and the more stuff everyone can do to help, the better. Here are somethings I think we can all do to help.

  • STOP CODING!!!!!! I know that coding is great, but really? We need to focus on rping and helping, and EVENTS, not coding. that can be done later.
  • Help out. Help out ANYWAY you possibly can. Whether it be helping a newbie, helping an admin, or even just making suggestions about events for the admins.
  • Be nice. Be polite. I know that you can be anyone you want to be on the internet, but being nice and polite helps everyone.

I know that maybe this is a bit harsh, (I'm sorry), but it needed to be said. I'm sorry if I offended you, but I didn't mention names because, let's be honest, you know who you are if this applies to you. Anyways, have a great day.

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