Nata Roebot

Chat moderator
  • I live in Procrasti Nation with my MTCDLNGIT, Omniverse :D
  • My occupation is being a winged robot stalker unicorn of doom
  • I am also a Transformer
  • Nata Roebot

    Aloha! 'Tis Nata again, this time with something chat-related again (instead of something mind-'asploding). Dear Krain/Ramo/Turnip recently asked me how to send private messages in chat, as the very straightforward and rather uncreative title suggests. Instead of breaking his talk page and scaring away future users from ever communicating with him, I'm making this (hopefully) handy tutorial for any other n00bs (and even some older peeps out there) to worship use responsibly. (A.K.A. please don't incorporate this into your plans for world domination. At least not without giving me Antarctica and a select few Pacific islands as repayment. xD) Hope this helps!

    If you don't know how to do this, I…

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  • Nata Roebot

    Chat Lurker Power Set

    August 27, 2015 by Nata Roebot

    Hello, assorted fabulous people of CHBRP Wiki, and welcome to the twisted and terrifying place known as Nata's Blogs! A few moments ago in chat, Pichu and I were further complicating chat lore by describing the mysterious world of "Away" and the types of beings who seem to reside there in perpetuity, only occasionally surfacing for air every few hours or so to make their presence known before vanishing into the abyss again. (Metaphorical embellishment of events © 2K15 by Nata Roebot) So, obviously, to commemorate this marvelous addition, I've made a power set for these poor unrepresented creatures of the deep. The original version started in chat was for stalkers, but I've modified it for lurkers, because they are not necessarily the same peop…

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