So guys, this is a true story.... Shahzod was a 30 year old woman, a woman on facebook, one of my mom's "friends" on facebook. She had a daughter, a husband, and a successful life.... 1 thing changed that.... She was diagnosed with leukemia. While she had it, people were looking for a match of bone marrow that matched hers, that way she could recover... Volunteers, friends, close family, even random people on Facebook she asked to check... Not one single match. .. So, a couple of days ago... Shahzod died. Think, what would you feel if you were Shahzod? What about her daughter?? Okay, sad part over, I just want you guys to do something to help leukemia, ask your parents to get tested to see if they have a match, donate, anything can help. This way, not as many people will die of leukemia. You can make a difference! Okay, I'm not saying the comments have to be sad. Actually, in the comments write about the funniest thing that happened today, or a funny thing you thought of while reading this, but in real life... Make a difference! (Does this sound like an ad???)

Suzani (as you guys call me in chat....)

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