aka Sam Archer

  • I live in California
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is Being a middle schooler.
  • I am Male
  • Outsider8357

    Alright. Hi people. I found this cool site, its about finding your animal spirit. Like, your inner animal, what you would be basedon your personality and stuff. This is the site: Now, I want everyone who sees this blog to go on the link, take the quiz, then leave a comment with your result, and along with it, pick a personal color. You cant pick these direct colors (for reasons I will not say), but you can pick different shades of them: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Black, Green, and Light Blue. My results prove that I am a Cougar, and the color I picked was burnt orange. Now everyone, please check it! Thanks. --Outsider (Look me up!) 02:19, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

    I find this link actually untrustwor…

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  • Outsider8357

    Something Left

    November 19, 2011 by Outsider8357

    To Whom it May Concern

    Earlier today (although I did not know of it at the time), someone important in my life left. My band teacher, Ms. Sarah Gianos, passed away. No one except those who were super close to her knew how she died, but all I know si that she had a super big throat infection. She was the person who taught me never give up on my dreams, and to give everything my all. Now, I know most of you won't really care about it, but I do. She was a really nice, kind, and generous person, and she made an impact on mine, and a lot of other people I know's lives. So know I end this blog, and give you all this advice: Expect the unexpected, because sometimes, its not a joke, but the truth that can hurt many. Live long and prosper, friends, …

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  • Outsider8357

    Okay. Hello to all my friends on the wiki. Here's the deal, I might leave. This might be a shocker, but it is true. But, I'll give some background. So, my sister (older than me by 3 years) found out that I was a roleplayer, and she was disgusted. So, she tried many things to get me to stop. Bribing me (then smacking me to get back the money), stabbing me (yes, that is true), hacking my account, telling a lot of people, and finally requesting to my parents. Well, my parents didn't really care that much, but because my sister is so dang annoying, they told me to stop. So, I don't really know if I'm not allowed to rp permanently, or if I'm on the safe side. I believe I'm half and half. But, that might change in a second. And then next thing y…

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