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  • I live in a pile of college homework :D
  • I was born on November 6
  • My occupation is Bored adult
  • I am F
  • PandoraStar411


    June 5, 2016 by PandoraStar411


    So. I'm back. Yeah. Hip hip hooray!

    I'm expecting a welcome back party xD JK.

    So I shall be active during the entire summer but when college comes, ew, semi-active please.

    I'm wondering if any users who know me want to like collab or something because im starting off as a newb again and I would like some help making claims and shiz.

    TY and love y'all suckers. I missed everyone of yous so I decided to join for y'all who know me :D

    PS: any admin out there and rollbacks and etc... I will be making another account. keep that in mind it will be the same person. I shall inform someone on the admin team about this. im just starting new but I don't know what the account name will be yet.

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  • PandoraStar411


    So like the title of this blog says: I'mma be leavin' this wikia. Yeahhh I rarely pop up here and senior year is ALMOST here.... meaning college apps and UGH other college things.... So I need to be focused and ready for that shiz.


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  • PandoraStar411

    Up for adoption

    February 11, 2014 by PandoraStar411

    So i have some characters I hardly rp and I would it if any body really can take them. if not i'll just kill them (or hydro in this case) or mark them as "AWAY" and etc...


    1. Kaydence Suzuki, daughter of Ares TAKEN BY: Katnip!
    2. Owen Luke Smith, son of Hermes Went away
    3. Camellia, flower nymph<strike> TAKEN BY: K-chan

    so yeah it's just those three. Iris Message me if you wanna take any one of those characters I have! ^-^

    Well i decided that my child of Hermes char should go so yeah >.<

    adoption closed! ^^ Will make another blog if I have more adoptions coming up soon.....

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  • PandoraStar411

    So some of you may know me, some of you may not. I have this pondering question in my head ever since I got the helper's badge. Should I go for Rollback or should I not?

    I mean, I've been helping out more with claims and such and I know the claiming department is really busy. I want to help out this wikia more. >~< But i don't know... I guess I want to hear other's opinion on this first before I request for the rollback rights.

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  • PandoraStar411


    January 14, 2014 by PandoraStar411

    Geh! Renders are so hard to make...... for me it takes me like a ton of time because my method is just erasing the background... is there any other way to do it? like a program i should use that will help me tons and save me so much more time?

    by the way, for those of you who don't now, renders are pictures that have transparent backgrounds like these:

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