So like the title of this blog says: I'mma be leavin' this wikia. Yeahhh I rarely pop up here and senior year is ALMOST here.... meaning college apps and UGH other college things.... So I need to be focused and ready for that shiz.

Few things to say before I leave

Margaery/Katnip <3

First off, i'm really glad to have met you and get to know you so well. I remember when we were both newbs and we rp'ed together. :3 I have to say, that you are an amazing friend and I miss those times we would help each other out on our personal life issues and other crap like that xD *whispers* you can always email me... if you ever want to...


AHHHH, I have so many things to say to you.... First, I'm really glad I got the courage to talk to you because I remember the first time I did, I was so intimidated by the fact that you were part of the administration team! lol... but you somehow became one of my good friends here on the wikia so im thankful for that :3 Second of all, Im glad we got to roleplay together <3

Alias aka Mum :3

Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Im so glad you helped me get on my feet here in CHBRP wikia! And Im so glad you replied to my comment on the adopt a newb page or else I wouldn't get all those amazing tips and all. :3


Gurl... I know it's like Im repeating myself here, but im reqally glad I got to meet you :3 I always enjoy roleplaying with you and i wished we could have roleplayed more often!


I wish we got to know each other better! D: You seemed really nice! But im glad we have a few roleplays, even though we didn't get to finish them xD


It was fun working in your depart and Im really glad I got to work with you. :)


For the love of anime... where do I start.... you my good friend, are one amazing chick I've met. I remember when I first met you I was a bit awkward and i thought we had nothing in common! XD Until.... ANIME happened. Yeah, anime happened.... maybe a couple months after we've gotten to know each other more? (lol) anyway, after we both knew we loved Fairy Tail and all, you became to be one of my very amazing friends here on the wiki :3

Mah Newbs

Madoka, DOW, Catty, you guys are all amazeballs. And thank you for putting up with my late responses and such :3

The rest of the people I forgot (so sorry...):

Im glad I got to roleplay with y'all and most importantly, meet with you guys cause all of you, including those I've mentioned, are amazing. <3


Anyway I have a butt load of characters I want to hand out and some be put up for adoption (and for some of the characters yes you may change their model! since I know not a lot of people use anime models like I do! XD) or be archived.


  • Rosella Pearl Shaw - Archive. One of my original characters that I have managed to keep with me for a very long time.
  • Cheryl Anders - Waves. I hope she does take this one because it is based on cana alberona from FT and I'm using her as the model for this character.


Non Demigods

  • Octavia Jeffrey - Waves. We created their history together so it's only logical she gets her. (If she wants her. If she doesn't archive her)
  • Cho Min Kyung - this is a real head scratcher. I was originally going to pass this character off to broken but she's marked officially inactive. if she doesn't want him, please archive him
  • Genevieve Lockser - Katniss :3 (i love this character and I think i would cry if I had to archive or put her up for adoption... plus she's really special because Bach helped me with the history....)
  • NOTE: if nobody wants their character, please archive them... Because I maybe back in summer break (or randomly popping up at random times) and would probably want to roleplay them...
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