So i have some characters I hardly rp and I would it if any body really can take them. if not i'll just kill them (or hydro in this case) or mark them as "AWAY" and etc...


  1. Kaydence Suzuki, daughter of Ares TAKEN BY: Katnip!
  2. Owen Luke Smith, son of Hermes Went away
  3. Camellia, flower nymph<strike> TAKEN BY: K-chan

so yeah it's just those three. Iris Message me if you wanna take any one of those characters I have! ^-^

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

Well i decided that my child of Hermes char should go so yeah >.<

adoption closed! ^^ Will make another blog if I have more adoptions coming up soon.....

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