okay so im having a hard time deciding which character to use my power up thingy for (since i participated in the adopt a newb and had alias as my mummy)

but the power listing for some of them are hard to choose *^*

Godly parent and demigod

  1. Asteria- Hoshiko Sato
  2. Aphrodite- Serina Brown
  3. Boreas- Morana Winter
  4. Athena- Rosella Shaw
  5. Dionysus - Cheryl Anders
  6. Ares - Kaydence Suzuki (page yet to be made)


i made a poll for everybody to vote for. please do because i seriously do not know which to let them have all powers.

Update: Cheryl wins with one vote in the second round. got too impatient XD so yay. i guess, cheryl gets all of her monthly powers

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