Hey guys! So I'm on every now and again.

Some of you know it was my birthday yesterday. Most don't. BUT I AM NOW A TEENAGER! WOOO! I'm 13! :D It feels weird. But I didn't get anything much. 20p from my 7-year-old sister; £20 from my nan, and a ring with my birthstone (aquamarine) in from my friend. And I was going to get a new phone, but then my mom said I couldn't get one until I got a part time job! :O

So, apparently, Chinese people don't really celebrate other people's birthdays. Evidence shown yesterday for my birthday. But I went to watch The Hunger Games for my birthday on Tuesday and they were jsbvlsjbvlsbvl AMAZING! I definatley recommend it, if you haven't yet watched it.

Well, see you lateerz!

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