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  • Redflower02

    No Longer Grounded~!

    December 9, 2013 by Redflower02

    Huzzah! I have been put off of lock down! I almost DIED of bordem. There is only so many times you can count the books in your room.

    At least I know how many socks I have now. (20 pairs, plus one extra. WHERE ARE YOU MISSING SOCK?!)

    I MISSED THIS SITE SO MUCH! Imma gonna cry! *starts sobbing*

    This is a REAL convo i had with my buddy Rlb and my little sister Momo

    Me: *comes runnning over* Yay! I'm not grounded any more! I missed you so much! *hugs*

    Rlb: *rolls eyes* You idiot, I was here the whole time.

    Momo: *looks up from math homework* You see her everyday at school. WHy are you crying so much?

    Me: *sobbing* You... don't... *sniff* under... *hiccup* -stand!

    Rlb: Did you do Mrs. G's project while you were grounded.

    Me: We had a project? Since when…

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  • Redflower02

    I'm Excited! XD

    August 25, 2013 by Redflower02

    I truly am! Just got a kick- butt update to my software and can now do everything faster. I've also discovered the magical stuff know as Nutella, which I (Honestly) have never tried until recently!

    (It's like, melted choclate! XD)

    Meh, I'm rambling.

    Anywhos, I've also created a new character, and Animal Nypmh called Adira. (AH-Dear-e-ah)

    I'm also pumped for that, PLUSSSSSS

    I'm almost a level 3 user! In like, 3 or four days I'm going to be able to have my peeps sign up for quest, which is my biggest goal, like, ever.

    Life goes on in my world. Not really sure what else to put up here, so I'm done!

    Adios Amigos! Until next time! XD

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