Well this might not be much of a shock to some since I haven't been very active but a lot of shit is happening in my life. I have been trying to bottle it up and try to hide the fact that it all hurts but I can't anymore. I want to smile and be the bubblying person that everyone - I hope - knows me as. Not the one who has been - recently - crying and asking for your help to cheer me up all the time because times are hard for me. I know to some this might seem unfair but I can't... hold it anymore. 

In school I'm getting ounched and kicked around. Sometimes just verbally but it's getting more and more pysically each time. Just a small trip here, kick her where-she-can-defo-feel-it there, make sure she cries like a five year old... blah, blah blah. I have actually been like this for just over a year now but I have been hidiong it that much so I can try and possibly, convience myself that it's okay. 

I know it isn't and I know I can't live on hiding. But don't worry to much. 

  • I'm not self-harming
  • Not planning of suiciding 
  • I'm still not emo/goth
  • I will finish off ALL RPs and SOME chars beofre leaving
  • I will never forget you guys x

I know this will hurt some people more than others and if it was my choice I would stay but I don't want to make all my friends a buddle of depression becuase of me. Hopefully this shall be tempoary and I can get back ASAP but until then I shall be leaving you guys very soon.



P.S. I love you guys so much. You helped me avoid doing the oppsite of above. 


Don't worry hun, we can still RP as much as possible even if it becomes EVEN slower. You make me laugh so much so I can't get rid of you that's for sure 


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