Hm.. *Pokes the wiki before saying anything* I always come at the moment when there's no one. >.< Curse you Time Zones.

Okay, how do I say this.... Am not sure how many people or maybe no one will see this but those who do: I'll be blunt so don't kill me. I'm leaving. Hey, I already talked about this with Bach anyway, and Demi.

I remember the last time I said I was going to leave a year ago but I came back a few days later lol. I thought I couldn't leave this place, but really it wasn't the right time to do so. Nowadays I only come here like once every.. 7 days or more or less or I dunno, like the world I was busy. I was always busy, but twice as now. I know everyone else probably is just as busy too. That just shows how weak I am at juggling my life .-. Meh.

busy x 2 = 2busy. That was so unnecessary omg.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay, this doesn't mean I'll forget the wiki or you guys. It's been quoted once, the wiki is "the home away from home," for me too. I met so many people whom I won't forget. I'm not gonna list anyone out because there's a lot of you guys just saying >.< But I love you all. So very much c:

Still a wikian at heart, always. *Such cliche* *Much cheesy* *Very wow* Okay I'll stop.

Of course, rps I haven't finished or task, I'll complete them before I go, don't worry. And yes, I step down v.v It's been a great experience contributing as a rollback and later admin (right now I just feel so damn bad because I haven't been contributing a lot Dx I'm pretty sure it wouldn't matter now but I still feel bad.). I'm sill not used to that delete button on everything.

Btw just because I'm leaving wikia doesn't mean you'll never see me again, I have facebook, skype: rowenamohan. (If you can't find me just IM me yours and I'll find you.)

I'm just gonna say in Malay just because >.<, selamat tinggal guys.

Sincerely, Riri25.

P.S. Forgot to mention, anyone who wants to adopt my chars can IM me too :) Anyone of them except..... Alma, Dani, Crissy, Maia. Especially not Maia, no. And hey, don't blame me, my chars are dear to me >:/

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