Before I start, I would just like to clarify I'm not stepping down. If you're wondering why, it's all worked out already, don't panic >.<

Mkai so, for those of you who didn't know already, I'm going to camp starting tomorrow (today for those of you in some time zones >.<) until August 15. I will not be editing at all in those 7 weeks. If you IM me, do not expect a reply >.< (if it's seriously urgent you're going to have to tell someone else :/) Please please PLEASE do not use any of my models (if you do have a fun 7 weeks with them, you won't be able to use them when I get back >.<) And lastly, have a fun summer/not summer/whatever it is for you right now >.<

OH ALSO any members of the Cult of Chinwald (you know who you are *cough cough*) can rp Juliet in the pre-quest because Oli and I never finished >.<

EDIT: Brocky volunteered to rp her, it's all good >.<

ApricotI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie 

EDIT: Sorry if I'm breaking and entering >.< but *puts this here XD*

*Much wow*


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