(Don't know what I was thinking while writing the title :P)

So basically, on Sunday, June 30th, I will be going inactive.

Before you cry or celebrate or whatever it may be, I'll only be gone for two weeks. Cos of camp, and stuff. I recently got my quest approved, but I don't want to start it until I get back. (The Quest for the Queen's Chariot) As for the quests my charries are already participating in: The Quest to Find a Fallen Butterfly, The Quest to Retrieve the Golden Apple, and The Quest to Tame Air's Fury, I please ask if you could wait until I get back. If you're cool with it, thank you very very much. If not, I won't be offended :) If you don't want me to hold you back, feel free to remove my charries from the list.

I ask everyone to read this, so they won't be all "Why'd she poof out of nowhere. Girl, that aint cool!" 

But, Hydro suggested this in chat legit two seconds ago-if anyone is up for it, can someone please post for me? For quests, I mean. RP is fine too. It must be someone I COMPLETELY trust, and it can only be one person. I might divide my charries between people, though. I depends. If you're up for this, please comment. But THIS IS NOT PERMANENT. When I come back, I expect to see my charrie pages untouched, and unless I give permission, the person will discontinue using my charries. 

So, yeah. I should be back in two weeks time, starting from 9:00 pm on Saturday.

Have a good day, all!


Jennie Chang and Acacia Moon will be RPed by Wind. He will take care of their quests.

Berry-boo...I mean, BlueberryCupcake, will RP my non-quest chars: Charlie L'amour, Aristina Glass, and Katrine Vellieux.

I am NOT starting my queen's chariot quest until I get back. 'Till then (for casual RP only), Nala Phan will be RPe'd by the wonderful and beautacious Unu. Pearlyn, my stag nymph on the Air's Fury quest, will also be entrusted into her care.

Thanks guys!

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