I know I make wAY too many blogs, probably all of them useless. But this one is DEAD SERIOUS. 

Little Unusual Me. Soulmate, Marzia, Unukinz. I'm so sorry. A thousand sorry's isn't even enough. You're right, I was being a coward and I take full responsibility for what I did. None of this is...the other guy's fault. Can we please talk? We're best friends Marzie, don't let this ruin it all. I trust you 100%, I just couldn't do anything. I was going to tell you. You were the first person I was going to tell. But I couldn't cuz...you know why. We need to talk. Please? I get it if you think this is just some pile of BS, but we really do need to talk. I'm absolutely, positively, sincerely sorry and I screwed up so badly, I know I deserve something horrible in return. But I needc my best friend back. I'm not the person you think I am. I swear.

For all the other people-You probably don't know wha tI'm talking about but I don't want to bring it up again. If Unu doesn't read this, cuz she still hates me, which I TOTALLY get, can you just tell her I'm inifinite times sorry and that we need to talk? If you catch her on chat, please tell her. If you think this is just some bullshit drama blog, you can think whatever you want. I just need to clean this mess up.

Thanks guys. And Marzia, I'm so, so, so, SO sorry. I know I screwed up, so badly. But I will fix this.

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