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  • ShadowGoddess

    Not a Goodbye

    November 15, 2013 by ShadowGoddess

    Hey Guys,

    So if you've noticed, I haven't been on very much lately and I can tell you why. Lately, I've been sick and I haven't been taking care of myself like I should and I've had lots of homework I'm behind on along with I have two figure skating competitions coming up which I've been prepping for. So I'm going to be going inactive for a little while. I'll still check everyday for IMs and maybe every so often I'll come onto chat. I hope I'll be able to return my health, and schoolwork back to normal soon so I'll be able to rp with you guys but until then well... you get the idea.

    See ya soon, 


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  • ShadowGoddess

    The Newest Groups

    August 4, 2012 by ShadowGoddess

    Okay so for awhile I've wanted to create a gang on here so I've finally descided to make one. So in each group there will for 6 - 10 people ranging from 14 to 18 and the gangs are rivals from Seattle, Washington. Lemme know if you want to join or not. By the way this is still a Work in Progress too but you can still join if you want. He Who Finds a Friend, Finds a Treasure ~ Shady 21:42, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

    Okay so each gang is full now. I'll be putting up a claiming forum in a few days. Please enter your claim in quickly cause I know how hard it is for the people who work in claiming. I'll soon have names for the gangs btw. He Who Finds a Friend, Finds a Treasure ~ Shady 00:48, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

    Okay so I've decided that everyone will make their…

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  • ShadowGoddess


    Some of you guys may know about The Kane Chronicles Role Play Wiki created by Wise and some of you may not but, right now the wiki is dead aka inactive. I would like to rebuild the wiki and make it better but, I'll need help. I'm waiting for permission from Wise to see if I can "rebuild" the wiki since Wise created it. If Wise says yes then I'm willing to try and rebuild it on my own but, to be truthfull, I'll need the help from the other users. I thank you if you do or don't help.

    Please comment if you will help.

    Every New Journey Begins with the First Step ~ Shadow 02:18, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

    Okay Wise said its alright so as soon as I can get a few people to help we'll start working on it.


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  • ShadowGoddess

    Carter Kane=Iesos

    Sadie Kane= Shady

    Amos Kane= Hgsanti

    Zia Rashid= Wonder

    Walt Stone=

    Jaz= VintageCamera45

    Michel Desjardins=

    Vladimir Menshikov=


    Bloodstained Blade=

    Face of Horror=

    Muffin= Posey

    Khufu= Librum legentem

    Philip of Macedonia= Ontario101

    Bast= Jenna

    Anubis= LCT

    Set= AuRon the champion

    Isis= GirlofDelusion

    Nut= BloomOfFairyTail

    Horus= Alejandro231



    Nephthys= Travelg




    Alyssa= JediWaterBender




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  • ShadowGoddess

    Percy Jackson

    April 12, 2012 by ShadowGoddess

    Percy Jackson= LCT

    Annabeth Chase= Shady

    Grover Underwood= HermesDude

    Chiron= Librum legentem

    Thalia Grace= Jenna

    Rachel Elizabeth Dare= Ruby

    Charles Beckendorf= Lott

    Silena Beauregard= StarlinSkyrim

    Tyson= Ducks

    Mrs. O'Leary= KittyInASheepsClothes

    Blackjack= Posey

    Nico di Angelo= Ice

    Luke Castellan= Moodle

    Piper McLean= Minxelfinforever

    Leo Valdez= Wonder

    Bianca di Angelo= BloomOfFairyTail


    Chris Rodriguez=

    Clarisse la Rue= Cats

    Clovis= Alejandro231

    Conner Stoll= Demi-hunter13

    Travis Stoll= Narutofreak0

    Ethan Nakamura= Comi

    Katie Gardner= Princessbaa

    Jake Mason= Harle

    Malcolm= Mikalmt

    Will Solace= SoA

    Michael Yew= DragoonFlareJR

    Lou Ellen= Travelg

    Juniper= JediWaterBender

    Jason Grace= Hgsanti

    Hazel Levesque= Nicki

    Frank Zhang= Hyugabyakugan12

    Arion= Iesos

    Dakota= J…

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