Alright. This is gonna be brief until I get a chance to really think about it.

I have this cool idea. Not entirely sure if it will fit along the lines of the wiki's quest rules, but still. I was thinking about the Four Horsemen from the biblical stories, and it got me thinking, what if that happened to the Camp. So what I suppose would happen is four demigods, children of the gods/goddesses that would represent the Horsemen (Death, Famine, Plague/Pestilence, and War) who had horrible childhoods, somewhat concerning these four things, and grew up to hate the gods. They were brought together by a benefactor, maybe the representative of a Titan, who makes them actually become the horsemen in some sort of ritual to bring the Titan back to life. The gods then notify Camp Half-Blood, which leads a quest to stop the Horsemen and the Titan from coming back unto e mortal world.

So, if you think it sounds cool, and would like to do it, then sign your name under the 'Vote Yes' bit. If you don't think it really works, or there is some violation of policy, then sign your name under the 'Vote No' bit, and please state why, so I know for future reference. Well, thanks for takin the time to read this. Bless your faces. If you have sneezed while reading this blog, bless you. I'm off, peace! *jumps off a cliff screaming, "GERONIMO!!"*

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