Well, it's been awhile since I've been on tbh and I've been losing interest in rp'ing here /: and I guess I just spend more times with my studying, friends and family these days. 

I really did enjoy my time here and I don't think I'll be coming back.

Broken: twinny ; ; omg twinny i'm gonna miss you so much ; ; i don't really use my email that often i'm sorry-- >.> sorry >.< i'll try go on it to talk to you ; ; thank you for being there for me when i needed you and thank you for the memories that we made. i wish you the best in future! i'mma miss you so much. TT-TT

Blue/Saeng: saeng i wish you the best in future okay ; ; i hope everything ends up being alright and i hope nothing ever goes wrong ; ; i'm really sorry for leaving >.< it's just life is being mean and stole my cookie-- anyways...i'm gonna miss fangirling with you and i'll cherish the memories we made. ; u ;

Mel: mel you're super super super super superrrr nice to me and i know i haven't talked to you in awhile because we're both busy and stuff but i'm gonna miss you okay? 

wheezes. i'mma miss y'all and sorry if i didn't manage to write all of your names down and i only did three ; ; to everyone who i talk to and became good friends with thank you for making many memories with me and a few others and thank you for being nice to me! and to those who i didn't manage to talk to i wish we could have talked to each other! > <" i'm just awkward around some people that i don't know well and i wish everyone the best in future.

thank you for having me here,


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