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    March 18, 2018 by Slayingthehalcyon

    I would like to apologize for the way that I treated this wiki when I was younger. I am sincerely sorry, and hope that at some point those of you whom I wronged the most, will be able to forgive what I did.

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  • Slayingthehalcyon

    So, as it would seem: Crap has hit the fan, users have left because of drama. I’ve caused some of that drama, and other users have caused some of that drama.

    This, in a sense, is a sort of permanent goodbye. I'm leaving the wiki as I'm done dealing with all the stuff that you people throw at me. I'm sure some of you will say that I've been a crapper to some of you, and yeah that's true.

    However, there's only one of me, and a whole bunch of you...

    Over my time on this wiki, and even with the positions of high influence, I never have felt like I was a part of the wiki. I never have really known any of you, but at this point, I really don't want to. Sofar, what I've seen after coming back and trying to be nice, was you guys being rude, not just …

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  • Slayingthehalcyon

    Dealing with users in chat, can sometimes be laborious, problematic, or just down right frustrating... Well this blog should help you in that area, I've gathered some nifty tips and tricks that will hopefully allow you as a chatter to chat better, and be able to keep a calm, cool, and respectable manner when chatting.

    • Okay, in the navigation bar of wiki, you can go to the tab that says "On the Wiki". Move the mouse over those words and then move the mouse to the text that says: "Chat".
    • Now, this method of getting into chat is for the use of chat hacks: In the right rail, go to the box that has all of the user avatars in it, click on the button that says "Join the Chat". This will get you into chat and activates your chat hacks.

    You can go to …

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  • Slayingthehalcyon

    Okay so hey, this is to show you users how to archive your talk page. Reasons why you might archive your talk page: Because it's too long...

    Here are some helpful instructions:

    • Go to [[User talk:|your talk page]].
    • Click the down arrow, and go to the option that says edit.
    • After the page loads, highlight all of the messages that are on your talk page.
    • Hit control C (PC USERS) or command C (APPLE USERS). Or right click...
    • Open an archive page: User talk:/archive_1.
    • Click add topic, and then paste the copied messages into the editing pane.
    • To paste hit control V (PC USERS) or command V (APPLE USERS). Or right click...
    • Save the archive page.
    • Take the link to the archive page, paste it onto your talk page in a place that is noticeable.
      • I.E. In a template…
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