Okay so hey, this is to show you users how to archive your talk page. Reasons why you might archive your talk page: Because it's too long...

Here are some helpful instructions:

  • Go to [[User talk:<insert name here>|your talk page]].
  • Click the down arrow, and go to the option that says edit.
  • After the page loads, highlight all of the messages that are on your talk page.
  • Hit control C (PC USERS) or command C (APPLE USERS). Or right click...
  • Open an archive page: [[User talk:<insert name here>/archive_1]].
  • Click add topic, and then paste the copied messages into the editing pane.
  • To paste hit control V (PC USERS) or command V (APPLE USERS). Or right click...
  • Save the archive page.
  • Take the link to the archive page, [[User talk:<insert name here>/archive_1]] paste it onto your talk page in a place that is noticeable.
    • I.E. In a template that has example rules or just a box that is for your archive links.

~Hope this helped!

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