So, as it would seem: Crap has hit the fan, users have left because of drama. I’ve caused some of that drama, and other users have caused some of that drama.

This, in a sense, is a sort of permanent goodbye. I'm leaving the wiki as I'm done dealing with all the stuff that you people throw at me. I'm sure some of you will say that I've been a crapper to some of you, and yeah that's true.

However, there's only one of me, and a whole bunch of you...

Over my time on this wiki, and even with the positions of high influence, I never have felt like I was a part of the wiki. I never have really known any of you, but at this point, I really don't want to. Sofar, what I've seen after coming back and trying to be nice, was you guys being rude, not just to me, but to everyone around you. That's not something that I want to deal with anymore.

So, in leaving there are a few matters I need to take care of. My characters are one of them, and giving a final message to a few users.

Hydro: Man, when you first joined, I'm pretty positive I hated your guts, but as I've gotten to know you, and I mean actually know your character, I've come to love that wacky, zany person that Hydro is. Yeah he messes up, but I think that he also tries really hard to fix what he messes up. Stay strong Hydro.

Wonder: Wow, leaving could be hard, but I know that you will do a great job of upholding the wiki... I've had a lot of fun talking with you and Raid on Skype, which is something I won't forget, and hope to do again sometime soon.

Raid: You know you can always message me on skype. :D

Orbit: Keep up the good work as chat mod, you'll get somewhere with it. c:

Brocky: Bye Brockalsby, message me on skype if you ever need anything.

Anyone whom I forgot: Good bye, message me on skype if you need me: You probably won't, because you haven't ever done so before.

People who know who you are: Look, I'm not going to apologize because you can't pull your head out of your butt long enough to see that I tried to be nice and make for better. I gave you ample opportunities to speak to me, and would have been willing to listen to your complaints. Instead, telling everyone what I've "done" instead of coming straight to me, yeah, you're all a bunch of back stabbing cranks....

My characters.... gonna be tough I guess. anyways:

JediWaterBender: You can have Zaken his word bubble and he comes with the char spot.

Hydro: I want for you to have Tyler Take care of him. c: His word bubble is here. He comes with his char spot. I also want for you to take Heather WB and Zora Template:ZoraD Both girls come with their charspots.

Defrether: You can have Andre his wb is here. He comes with his char spot.

Brocky: if you want, you can have John WB and he comes with his char spot.

Unu: If you want, you can have Karen WB, She comes with her character spot, so you don't have to worry about using one of your own spots on her.

Wonder: Since I know you're into some wierd stuff, I'm giving you Gracie WB and Hailee Michaelson WB they both come with the char spot I used for them, that way you wont' have to use two of your own spots.

Nicki: I think that you should have Ashlee WB, as I think that you will know just how to role play with her. c:

Wind: You're going to hate me, but I want for you to have Gerald the Old. c: Gerald WB You can change his model if you want. Also, he comes with his char spot so you don't have to use one of your own.

My final two characters, Darion Spencer and Sharon Tyler are up for grabs, anyone who wants them, can have them, do whatever the heck you want with them, and they come with their char spots so you don't have to use your own.


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