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  • Sonofapollo

    Thank You

    September 7, 2013 by Sonofapollo

    So....hey guys :)

    I know it's been a while since I've had, well...any contact with you guys- and I apologize, because this will also be my last blog for a while. However, I have - and I know it makes little to no difference, nor is it any excuse- been on the wiki a lot, just not editing nor going on chat. I'm not sure why. I like to see that everyone's still here and the wiki is still doing absolutely amazing, as always.

    So, I know where I'm going with this, and I'm sure most of you will be guessing (possibly correctly) what the point of this blog is, given the title and what you've read (and are reading) now. But before you jump to conclusions, I just wanna tell a little story.

    I joined this wiki during the first few weeks of May 2011. Damn,…

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  • Sonofapollo

    Helloooooo Campers!

    So as you are all aware, the Battle Royale is underway, and I am holding bets on who will win their matches! So a quick update:


    1. Elysine Aenar - Flamefang - Nyx vs Vic Halen - Lotto - Hephaestus E'lys Wins'
    2. Donovan Woodrum - Nar - Dionysus vs Zeke Summers - Hyu - Hecate Zeke Wins
    3. Jack Swegger - Harle - Deimos vs Erion Maze - Nocty - Aeolus Erion Wins
    4. Skylar Lune - Wonderkinz - Eros vs Coraline Campbell - River - Hecate Skylar Wins
    5. Glen Adams - Rawry - Deimos vs Charlie Davis - Nicki - Dionysus Glen Wins
    6. Juliet Royce - Shady - Nike vs Miranda Norris - Rid - Hephaestus Miranda Wins
    7. Drake Kingston - Mika - Melinoe vs Jason Ray - Ted - Zephyrus Mika Wins
    8. Fiona Ash - Minx - Demeter vs Meribel Rebane - Bloom - Eris Meribel Wins
    9. Jac…

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  • Sonofapollo

    On behalf of Arte

    July 7, 2012 by Sonofapollo

    Hey, so this is a blog post on behalf of Artemisgirl.

    Basically, she's gone to Uganda (an east-African country) where she will be doing charity work and helping out at an orphanage. So she's going to be inactive, as the only internet there is ina small internet café. So yeah, pardon her inactivity guys :)

    Sonofapollo 20:32, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Sonofapollo


    ^props to jenjen for that quote.

    So anywhoo, that wasn't random....... This blog will talk about three things, and I'll talk about them inversley to the title....

    I HAVE SO MUCH OF IT. IDEK why. This will result in me being a bit more complacent with posts and activity...

    I STILL HAVE NOT SEEN THIS -sobsobsob- ! I must do so, next week. I've heard it is great from everyone but del, (hehe, sowweh but tis true) so I have pwetty high expctations for it....*sings "Peeta and I know it"*

    So basically, I'm going to york from early!) I will be gone from the 1st-10th of April; after which i should be back. So, for my Lilith's letter missions, I give permission to

    • Arte to rp as Sheila and Serpentina (camp …

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  • Sonofapollo

    Character Posters

    February 16, 2012 by Sonofapollo

    Hai there~

    SoA here, and I'm here to offer you, yes, you a free poster, with an image of your favourite PJO, Harry Potter, Dr Who, Hunger Games, Eragon, Big bang theory, Glee, etc., etc. (Whatever you like) character and quote! I don't know why I'm doing it, but I like it and tis fun!!

    A few lucky duckies already have some, so I'll display them below, and will be taking orders! Simply comment what character, quote ad from what TV show/movie/book it's from! There is a waiting list, so first come, first serve!

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