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Sonofboreas16 Sonofboreas16 21 January 2013

More Inactivity

So lately i have not been on much. I have been focusing on school and bringing up my grades, and so far im doing great, but something else has came up.It turns out that i am moving from the house that i have grew up in. I am moving to another part of my state. I have a chance of moving schools, and leaving my ggirfriend and my best friends. I attached to this house and its horribly sad for me. So it will be a while for me to get access to a computer because we have to pack, move and unpack. The only reason we are moving is because my family is having financial problems with this house, so we are forced to move. I might be inactive for a little while more. Hopefully i cant get back into the wiki. I just wanted to let you all know that i lov…

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Sonofboreas16 Sonofboreas16 16 October 2012

Family Demigod Group

So I have wanted to make a family group for a long time, so I have decided to now. The family are descendants of demigods and heroes such as Hercules, Helen of Troy, and Perseus. The family starts with Ruth McAllen, a daughter of Aphrodite, and Albert Carleson, a son of Apollo. Ruth had a child with Posiedon, Carey, and a child with Zeus, Mark. Albert had a daughter with Hecate, Cleo. Ruth and Albert then got married and had one child, David. Ask if you want a spot and tell me which one.

The family is from Atlanta, Georgia. Also the chars where split up young so there was a less chance of being attacked you. I have chosen randomly. The adopted or fosters, you can chose out of the two. You will make your own history from then. In the future …

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Sonofboreas16 Sonofboreas16 14 July 2012


So yet another inactivity blog. I'm in band and 2 weeks of band camp start Monday. Ugggg. Ill be on as much I can. I just wanted to let all you know. The first week is not bad just 8am to like 4pm, but the second is 9 to 9. Well I guess that's all.

District 12: Where you can starve to death in safety Sonofboreas16 07:25, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

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