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Hi there guys! So, I don't really have to say it again but Camp is dead. There are a few who still do role-plays, but that's so derelict compared to how active the wiki was in the last years. Now I don't want this wiki to die, and this year is showing just the right ingredients to slowly put it to an unending sleep. I know there are those who stand with me, who hopes that won't happen.

But hoping and wishing won't do anything to solve the problem. That's basic story cliche.

Now I'm calling you all to help the wiki itself. We have to have numerous changes that steals away its inactivity. There are those who stay in the wiki, and keep it running even at this moment (and a huge thanks to these people). Then there are those newcomers whose suitcases haven't been unlocked because no one's guiding them around. Then there's those old wiki users who come back and gets disappointed because no one's around to greet them back and give them a reason to stay. Then there are those users who are currently under the 'Active' category, but doesn't even check for at least once a week. All these people we need to have the wiki awaken again.

I'll be listing down some of those big things we need to do, and I know y'all can think up of other things as well.

First of all, the admin team. Yes, the admin team. It's been, not quite, but a long time since we had an active administration team. There might be those who strive to stay active, but it's impossible without the others. B-crats should be the one leading to call on their respective department members, but how will they bloody do that when they do not have anyone to answer them? As much as it's sad to say this, but we need to install new leadership, and find those who will stay loyal to their department duties and to the wiki. How are we going to do that?

Next up, how we view the rules. We create rules and regulations, but not all are being followed, because of this so-called 'unfairness' that comes with examples of how that doesn't apply to them since that wasn't put against another user who did the same. That is clearly a false argument and false is false. We must implement rules then strictly go along side them. Otherwise we're going to find ourselves in trouble again after a few months. Now I'm not hitting anyone, and sorry if I offended some, but it's true. Harsh, but truthful. We'll have to review all the rules, regulations, and policies, and check if there are things we need to change to update the wiki. Remember, rules aren't made to simply be a representation of proper authority and leadership.

Third, all the lists that we have. Cabin occupants lists, priest/priestess list - all IC related lists. We need to update them. Remove those inactive, and change heads and lieutenants. Then OOC lists - all the user-related lists. This is a job for those in the HR department, but that doesn't matter anymore. We need all the help we can get. We have to update user activity, user characters, and user rights.

Fourth, the creative activities. This is under the R&D department, but they cannot do anything if we don't have anyone to support them. So let's support them. There is currently supposed ongoing event, but it won't move on to reach its end game since, like said many times, no one's active enough to keep it going. I want to help and play a part, but still, alone won't do. For now, the best thing we can do is to encourage the basic activities - the simple roleplays and quests. As long as we show the wiki still has an activity going on, we won't be losing any users.

Last but never the least, us. If we want to keep this alive, well then it's in each of us to do what we can to help. I know we have our own lives to take care of. We're busy, and our timezones don't match, so that can cause quite the setback. But what I'm meaning is this one saying in our place: ' Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan. Kung gusto, maraming paraan. ' Which translates to, if we don't have it in us, we think up of many reasons to cover it up. But if we do want to, we can find so many ways to fix the problem. Y'all understand that, and I hope y'all consider it, too. 

We can't put up votings 'cause who will bloody vote in the first place? Wake up guys, we need your help, whover you are with good intentions!

It'll be incredibly sad to see this wiki fall, after such growth and development. If you are up to join the crew, you'll respond with actions. I still do want to see another pretty, pretty yearbook.


If you have any suggestions, or violent reactions, you are certainly most free to say it out here.

To the admin team, we have a lot to discuss about. To the wiki, we have a lot to work on.

~ june

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