• TheWiseOne

    Character Help!

    February 27, 2012 by TheWiseOne

    Hey! Y'know all those families at camp with the dozen kids and one mom? Well, I'm not doing that. This time, it's a gang. Yes, a gang. I came up with this idea shortly after seeing and performing West Side Story. To help fill up the cabins with lower amounts of members, each gangster is going to fill up one of the lower cabins.


    Please put down your choice! First come, first served! Even if you called it in chat, the first one to post in the comments gets it!

    "Will we get out of this little hell...?" ~Wise the Artist 23:00, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TheWiseOne

    Hit the Books

    January 16, 2012 by TheWiseOne

    Hey there! It's me. Wise. No, don't run away! I won't bite! (This time... mwahahahaha- *chokes* Hek! Hek! *cough, cough*) Phew... I'm good.

    Anyways, I'm here today to tell y'all that I'm probably not going to be on for a while. For... another 3 weeks? I'll most likely come and go, drift in and out of chat, if I can make it on, edit a claim or two. But this is because... exam week is coming up. Actually, for me, it's already begun.

    I have my first official exam on Wednesday, then all next week is my Culinary Arts exam. It sucks. Anywho, I'll be spending most of my time cramming in two different languages. So, I shall try to be here as mucha s possible.

    ~Wise (Talk to me...if you dare!)

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  • TheWiseOne

    Family Friction

    November 23, 2011 by TheWiseOne

    So, here I am at 8:46, Winnipeg time, angry and sulking in my bathroom, writing this blog. Over the past few weeks I've been on at some different times than usual. It's because things are getitng a little edgier at home. Me and M&M are fighting more often. My parents and I argue way more than usual. And, yes, my grades are crap.

    I need to solve this. It didn't used to be like this. And, I hate what I've become: addicted to the company of people I don't know, craving more time to pound keyboards and isolating myself from the people who are closets to me, just to be close to a f*ckin' computer screen. I'm not saying or implying in the slightest that I don't like you guys, but... this is changing me - not for the better.

    My time here is so much …

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  • TheWiseOne

    Locked Away

    September 28, 2011 by TheWiseOne
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  • TheWiseOne

    A Little Hell

    September 16, 2011 by TheWiseOne

    I know there have been many blogs lately about losing users and saying goodbye. But this is my ode to the future:

    We've lost many users in the past week or so. It's going to be hard. We need to push ahead. This wiki is one of the best there is. We will miss the lost users. I know that some of you, nay, most of you will disagree with me when I say this, but: I will miss Soa. I wish he hadn't left. It may have been for the best for some, but it's hard. When we lost Gel, I knew for certain that more would follow. We almost crashed, but we pulled out of our nosedive.

    My goodbyes go to:



    Soa and


    But we aren't out of our little hell just yet. We still have issues with other users. The fighting is still around and the problems with many ne…

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