So, as the title explains, this is a true story. You could read it, or you could not. It's all up to you.

Once there was a kid, and he was pretty happy. He had a good home, he did well in school, and everyone seemed to like him. He was content with his life so far, and had planned to do some shows with his school and friends.

That's around when they found the lump. The boy's neck had a right side that seemed too wide, and it turned out to be a lump. Going to a specialist with his parents, the boy found out it was a benign cyst. 'It would be routine,' the doctor said, 'You'll be back in school in no time.'

So the boy went to the hospital and received surgery, and the cyst was safely removed. Everything seemed to be going back into place for the boy. He was growing up, made friendships that will last a lifetime, and even seemed to find love.

Then one day, the boy was taken home by his friend's mother, which the boy was stricken as odd. He didn't mind though, and he continued to be positive. However, when he returned home, there were a group of his family members there, waiting for him.

This is the part that I get choked up on.

The cyst was not benign, as was previously thought, but carried something no one wants to hear; it was a cancerous cell. The boy was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, or, in layman's terms, cancer of the lymph nodes. The boy and his family were distraught, but for different reasons. His parents worried on how the boy would respond to the treatments he was going to face. The boy seemed to think that he would never be able to see his friends again. All the work and effort he put into his shows were gone to waste; he would have to go into the city once a week and receive chemotherapy.

After meeting with the doctors, the boy was told he would have to leave the last few months of school, as the treatments would have to start ASAP. Realizing the boy would have a lot of time on his hands, he decided to return to an old site he had joined a while before hand, but quit due to time restraints. That site would be here.

The boy soon readjusted himself to the site's format, joining the chat for the first time, greeted warmly. He soon found himself with two "wiki-sons", and eventually asked a user to be his "wiki-father".

The boy had entrusted the information of his treatments with his "father" and he would confide in him anything that was going on. The "father" was a very good support crutch, and the boy struggled through the treatments with a smile. He shaved his head in respect of those who lost their hair; one user even commented, when view with a picture of him after he shaved his head, that he looked "over 30, dude."

Eventually, the trial ended, and the boy was free of the cancer. Through much tribulations, he had made it through. However, there was a price to be paid, and the boy had to return to school. Eventually, he drifted away from Camp Half-Blood RP Wiki, and almost never came back.


The boy decided it was time to tell the rest of the community here his story, and the hardships he had to endure for a summer. As such, he began the blog post with seven words.

"I have a true story to tell."

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