You know what sucks? Losing inspiration. It's happened to me so many times I sometimes give up on things because I don't know what to do. Well, I kind of lost my edge on here, and I gravitated towards another site, and life was good for a while. Until yesterday.

On that site, the admin and I never really got along. He was a brat, and I was a brat back, and similar poles tend to repel each other. Fortunately, I had friends there to calm me down before it got too serious. And yesterday it got to a head too fast and too soon that I kind of exploded. It was messy. I don't normally degrade people, but this was outright damning him to hell (and I don't use that lightly.) My friends stopped me too late, but by them the damage was done. I left a small note stating my temporary departure from that site.

However, as a teenager with a laptop, I still need my Internet fix. How would I get this?, I asked myself many times. And then it hit me. I remembered someone here saying that you can go on breaks, but you can't ever really leave this site. I'm rather amazed on how true that statement is, because I haven't felt this positive about coming back since the last time I came back.

So, yeah. I'm back for good, and this time, I hope I can keep my edge for longer than last time.

---It's all here, black and white, clear as crystal. 04:54, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

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