Welcoming Committee

Hey people. I don't make blogs often, and this isn't really a blog, but whatever... While I'm not formally a staff member, I think it's important that anyone who has the time and wants to help out does what they can to boost our numbers. Lately, there's been a big slowdown in unplanned roleplays. Most of the site's active users only rp if it's planned out beforehand. While this is fine for those of us that have been around a while and have some master plan for our character, it's somewhat offputting to newbs. They put in a bunch of effort and (in most cases) a lot of time to make a character, then they sit there dormant with nothing to do. I can't speak for anyone else, of course, but my golden days of roleplaying were the days when I first joined and people would just randomly rp with me. There was that natural feeling to it that made it appealing. I wasn't here because I just felt like roleplaying on a particular day. My character kept meeting new people. More things started happening. I was along for the ride. When you have to decide "Okay, I want my character to do this with that character and this is the result I want," it's no longer natural. 

... Okay, staying on topic and making my point about why requiring newbs to plan rps is bad at the same time is hard. I'm sure you get the point.

To help remedy the problem of new users not having anything fun and constant to do when they join, and subsequently losing interest and leaving, I'm getting some people together to roleplay with the newbs. I'm going to regularly update a table here of all the characters new users (ie under level five) and returning users (because why not convince them to stay?) get claimed. Anyone who volunteers to help is encouraged to check here as often as possible and roleplay with these characters ASAP. And please, people, don't start a roleplay if you don't intend to stick with it. Dropped rps give an even worse image of the wiki than no rps at all. Better the wiki seems small than just lazy >.<

Again, this is purely volunteer work, so I can't reward you. The ultimate objective, though - an excuse to roleplay a lot without having to plan it, and *hopefully* a bigger userbase - is a pretty good reward in and of itself. If you'd like to help, just tell me in the comments and I'll put your name on the list. You can leave whenever you want.


People who want to help:

  1. Toxyca (obviously)
  2. Theawesomeperson202
  3. Ash
  4. Brocky ("semi-member")
  5. Hidden
  6. CattyTheOrchid
  7. AriLovesIt
  8. Wind
  9. Nerdylove
  10. Lilly
  11. DanChan123 
  12. User:JayeTheMofo

Special mention to DrXax, who seems to be doing this kind of thing without anyone even mentioning it to him :D

New Characters (most recent at the bottom):

Character User People RPing with them (we should aim three or four people each)
Sabrina Sparks WhitePhoenixCrowne DrXax, Ari, Ash
Clovis Jones Boar7431 Awesomeperson, Hidden, Catty
James Tanner Mcmasher (was inactive for a year) Awesomeperson
Kristjana Emìlsdóttir LillyDaNinja (was inactive for two months) Brocky, Ash, Kit, Nat, herself obviously :P
Dedrik Calister Roinyaleda163 Ari, Nerdy
Lotus Aquaria Hyacinth-Is_Bae Lilly, Catty, Ari
Opal Cowen Nerdylove Ari, Ash, Hyacinth, Jay Sea, Lilly, JosephDaley
Zachary Newton FromTheEast Awesomeperson, Koalaaipom, Kit, Lilly
Clara Moore Kasumi12346 DrXax, Nerdylove
Johnnis Grey JosephDaley Ari, DrXax
Sean Torres TheMysteriousLegendaryDragon Ari (via forum). Holy Karp, this guy got on chat, got claimed, and even started roleplaying all in less than twenty-four hours. ... Wow ;-;
Celandine Goold BelladonnaTook None yet, but Belladonna has already shown to be a good and active roleplayer, and sought out other users to rp with despite only having been here a couple days. And did I say they also got claimed instantly without a single correction? Jump on it!

Oh yeah, one other note: If someone doesn't respond after a few days, it's possible they didn't think to check their characters for random rps. If you have the time, sending 'em a message on their talk page might get their attention.

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