Ok I've wanted to do this for a while now but haven't had the courage to do it until now. If I get banned for this, well you all know what I'm saying is true.

Lately, it seems like more and more problems have been occurring with one reoccurring thing appearing in most of the problems. To me it seems like that same sort of thing is happening over and over again, an admin (not saying anyone in particular or the whole admin team in general) has caused a problem which may at the time have been a good reason but has cashed someone leaving, majority of the time because of past experiences. In my opinion, it seems like these problems are always the same thing like I just said before, from being accused of having a sock when not just because of past experiences, to someone trying to achieve to become a certain part in the wiki but being shut down for someone else because of past experiences, sometimes lack of work even though the user has been doing more work than the people voted against them or just not being as popular as other users.

I may be young in both sense of young here, age and how long I've been here compared to others, but this is something I can't stand, the unfairness happening here. Another point I forgot to mention in the part above was that a lot of the time, not as popular or liked user will get in trouble for stuff the more popular and liked users won't.

Like I always am, this is my way for sticking up for the little guy. Also I don't mean this happens with all admins just a select few

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