aka The most confusing person ever...

  • I live in *glares*
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is student, author, Screamo singer, violinist,freak show, person
  • I am does it LOOK like i'm a guy?
  • Waterdaughter1

    ok,we all know about the chat nicknames,the weirdo, the bi*ch,etc. well, in my eye,this is what I think,so,enjoy mah peeps!!

    comic=the joker/official chat hugger/2nd annoying one on chat/Grammar/Spelling Nazi

    ghost=convo starter/ father of chat

    jas= random one, le daughter of chat, 2nd cookie monster

    blood=the insane one *whispers* and the brotherly one

    jenna= awkward turtle lover/ hippie

    angel= awesome person


    WT(or known as bella swan*)= social suicider/the wonder of chat/cookie monster

    water (moi)=the bitch/annoying one/ daughter of the Red sea

    bloom=bitch jr.

    orb= the baby

    trav=the helper

    bach= funny one

    ale=the fox king (and mah hubby)

    harl=the lucky bastard (don't ask why)

    SOA= helga jub-jub hufflepuff lover

    kitty= mah sistah in punkology


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