Before you say anything, this is not a goodbye blog, hell no.
Warning: This blog post may contain extreme amounts of cheesiness. Viewer discretion is advised.

As we all know this, our wiki has reached the breech where we will need to enter a new era. And with an new start, come new customs and change. Everything will go well, as long as we remain rational and open to the sudden surprises that may unleash upon us, for both Admin Team members and regular users as well. This wiki has worked hard, for nearly three and a half years, to make progress in its organization, some of which was done even before I got here. It would be a shame to see all that hard work fall apart upon new terms. Users have left, gone inactive or have simply not been at their best behaviors, but that's how life works. Let those statements stand as motivations to move on and rebuild, instead of bringing us down. We'll have to try our best to make this work and mistrust will not be an option. There will be places of which each of us will have to improve, should it be our attitudes or our effort.

I really don't want users to loose hope in this. This wiki has been our home and our family, a place to cry, laugh and be the young and confused teenagers/adults we are. I know I might be sounding like the wiki is on the verge of dying, even if it's not anywhere near it. I just didn't want anyone to feel down in the least, because I'm acknowledged that there are some users who are thinking about it. Just cheer up, ;).

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