This is how I feel right now.

To start off this blog, let me just say that this is in aimed to those who have basically been messing up image categories. Now while all of the users that have been contributing to this tricky concept have been doing it in good will, a majority have not done it the properly. To those of whom I have messaged about it, be aware that I am not angry at you and that you are absolutely not the only ones who were mistaken. Again, I'm not mad, I'm just not pissed on about this. By taking a good look at this guide, you can learn how to do it better in an efficient way that will actually help the wiki and not slow it down. If you're new at doing this, I suggest asking an admin team member for englightment but other than that anyone can categorize images if done properly.

What NOT to do

There are many categories that are now, after our categorizing system's are updated, are currently being brought down, and have no use in being put upon image files unless your goal is to slow us down. Amongst them, here are the top 3 most, atrocious, petrifying ones that I and those before me are disgusted by. No exaggerations are intended whatsoever, these make me want to rip my hair out every single time I see them:

  1. Category:Images
  2. Category:Images of Characters
  3. Category:GIF Files

Those are the Big Three. If you see one on an image, take it off, you don't even have to categorize the image with the additional categories, I just need them to be gone.

Oh, and also, NEVER EVER make categories up on your own. You'll probably f*ck things up and I will raise all of hell.

What you SHOULD do

Character Images' Categories

IMPORTANT: Every character's images must always contain the user category and the model category. If the model is unknown, put the Unknown Model category. If there is any other category that should not belong there, delete it from the image (aka the big three). The category specifying the nature of the image's character (Images of ________) will be the only thing that will depend on the type of character. If a GIF is used as an image of the character and isn't just some random misc thingy, it follows the same treatment.

So far, these are the characters we get to precisely categorize:

For average nymphs/spirits species:

Since these specific species have more characters, separate categories have been made out for them:


Random Images

This is rather complicated since there are only so many specific cases. So I suggest that only Helpers+ and RBs+ handle this since messing it all up won't help at all. Here are some few examples

So in conclusion, if you can't do it right, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO IT AT ALL or you'll face the wrath of Elmo. I know everyone who has been giving a shot to this has done it with good intentions, but it isn't as easy as it looks to accomplish as you see it in the recent activities. A lot of people who think they've been doing it right are probably wrong, since by far only Bach, Wonder and Bird have ever done it properly. (Unless I'm forgetting someone). The point is, in endgame, if you're not 400% sure you can do it, leave it to Helpers and members of the admin team to fix things, although you're always welcome to ask for some mentoring and learn to categorize images via the Training Program or just by asking anyone a question.

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